Pet-Friendly Alternatives When Replacing Flooring in a Bedroom


When you’re replacing flooring in a bedroom, keep some of these options in mind to accommodate your four-legged pals!

Let’s face it – as much as we love our furry friends, they can sometimes be a hassle to clean up their loose hairs and little “accidents.” When you’rereplacing flooring in a bedroom, specifically, you’ll want to keep all pet-friendly options in mind, so you can rest assured that stains won’t be ruining your morning routine. Here are a few options to keep at the top of your list!
  1. Carpet
    Carpeting isn’t just built for comfort for human feet – paws are also grateful for the softer landing. As you’re replacing flooring in a bedroom, keep carpeting in mind specifically as an option. The smaller space makes it a more viable option as opposed to having it run through the entire home, and provides that relief for both humans and pets. While it’s not always to clean, there are plenty of options available from homemade to commercial cleaning products.
  2. Stone
    Stone is an outside-the-box solution for bedroom flooring replacements, but it’s not one to ignore. In general, stone is a material that helps keep a bedroom cool all year round, which is perfect for pets that sleep by your bedside in the summer time. It’s also scratch resistant, which can be beneficial for those with animals that tend to throw caution to the wind as they run. The surface is quite easy to clean, only needing standard soap and water treatments.
  3. Vinyl
    A classic option for the whole home, vinyl flooring finds a strong check in the “pro” column with its natural sound dampening. Pet owners know all too well the skittishness of cats and eagerness of dogs, so the extra silencing helps you to sleep through the night. Its treated surface is easy to clean and maintain, only needing a weekly brooming and a less-often mopping.
  4. Laminate
    Looking for the feel and aesthetic of hardwood without the extra costs and stress? Laminate is probably your best option for replacing flooring in a bedroom. You can choose from a variety of designs to match your desired decor, such as oak or maple. Maintenance and upkeep is much simpler with laminate as well, but keep in mind that this material isn’t foolproof – the surface can get slippery.

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