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Commercial Laminate

Laminate Flooring

Would you love the look of hardwood floors for your commercial space? Are you uncertain about maintaining real hardwood in a busy, high-traffic workspace? With commercial laminate flooring, you can get the same great look without the hassle, or the price tag.

Thanks to the latest in flooring technology, laminate flooring products can offer you advanced durability and easy maintenance, without the expense or time commitment of natural hardwood. Additionally, you don’t sacrifice anything in style with laminate; a wide variety of options are available to get the exact look you want.

Find the right laminate flooring for your commercial space with help from one of our Design Associates.

Laminate Advantages

Laminate flooring offers commercial spaces like yours a number of excellent features and benefits. When you choose laminate for your business, you will enjoy:

  • A wide variety of options that simulate the look of natural hardwood

  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning

  • Great durability due to advanced flooring technology

  • Excellent value

Laminate Flooring Options

We partner with every major manufacturer of laminate flooring to bring you the latest style and texture options, along with our national buying power advantages. Choose from a wide variety of design options that simulate the look of dozens of different natural hardwood materials, including elegant cherry and oak.

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