Get Convenience and Durability

for the Healthcare Industry


In the healthcare industry, you have specific requirements that must be met by any new flooring products. With the high stakes of proper sanitation in mind, you need a durable, smooth surface that will hold up well under heavy use, without harboring potentially harmful bacteria. At the same time, you are probably looking for flooring that will add a peaceful or positive feel to your space and, of course, fit into your facility’s budget as well.

In addition to excellent products that fit your sanitation specifications, you also need a flooring provider who can offer efficient, skilled services that fit your schedule and don’t interfere with your ability to provide the best possible care to your patients.

Floor Coverings International Cherry Hill has both the efficient service you need and the variety of durable, sanitary flooring products you need to find the right selection for any healthcare facility.

Healthcare advantages

When you contact Floor Coverings International, you will immediately be partnered with a experienced team who will provide you with expert service every step of the way. They will:

  • Help you select the perfect flooring product to suit your budget, style, and needs
  • Schedule an efficient installation at a time that is convenient for you
  • Provide e-crates to move files and small items
  • Work diligently to meet all your timelines
  • Available to work nights and weekends if necessary to install your new flooring
  • Completely remove all old flooring and installation materials and clean the new floor
  • Walk through your new flooring with you to ensure satisfaction.

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