New Years Resolution? Improve the Floors in My Home!


As we sit by our TV’s and watch the ball drop on New Years Eve, we’re often faced with a single question: what can we do to improve ourselves and our lives for the next year? Perhaps you’re thinking, “this will be the year that I upgrade the floors in my home to something new!” There’s plenty of options to choose from that will be sure to bring to your house a remarkable flair and durability. Here are a few examples of flooring ideas to consider setting the tone for 2017!

  1. Hardwood
    One of the great benefits to adding hardwood to a home is how flexible it is for almost any room. Whether you’re relaxing in the living room or enjoying a family dinner in the dining room, hardwood serves for a beautiful aesthetic. If you’re thinking to yourself, “how much am I willing to devote to the floors in my home,” hardwood is an option that is well worth the cost for factors outside of beauty as well. The ease of maintenance, combined with the impressive durability, helps to ensure a long-lasting flooring option that will go strong for well over a decade.
  2. Carpet
    Carpeting certainly has its ups and downs, but it maintains a peak level of comfort for those who maintain a barefooted lifestyle. The soft fibers make for smooth footfall, reducing the chance of slipping and shock to the knees. It’s available in a variety of colors and designs to best fit customized purposes for each home. Plus, cleanup only requires semi-regular vacuuming and occasional shampooing, which actually makes it an easier-to-maintain solution than the types of carpeting in the past.
  3. Laminate
    There’s something classy about the use of laminate flooring in a house, probably due to its overly-clean sheen. Give your home a modern, rich appeal that matches whatever your desired look may be. With a multitude of options in appearance, you’ll be able to decide on a more unique style that perfectly complements the feng shui of any room.
  4. Vinyl
    Both a practical and safe option, bringing vinyl flooring into the house can separate your “old home” from the feeling of something new and refreshing. Make the new year’s resolution stretch for the years to come, as vinyl is destined to keep strong through the tests of time. And the options for designs and colors allows you the creative control to add any personal flairs. And an easily-cleanable surface is just the cherry on top, thanks to the treatment each tile receives.

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