When Should You Consider Replacing Carpet in a Bedroom Near Philadelphia?

Carpets sustain a lot of wear and tear. We walk on them, spill food and drink on them, kids play on them, and pets may have accidents on them. There are plenty of ways to revive our carpets from the inevitable forces wearing upon them. Regular vacuuming, the proper stain removal and odor control products, and professional carpet cleaning can all prolong the life of your carpet. But at some point your carpet will reach a point where these methods are not enough and your carpet should be replaced. But what are the signs that you should start thinking about replacing carpet in a bedroom near Philadelphia?  


1- Permanent Stains

    There are many stains that can be removed with relative ease through basic cleaning–especially if they are treated immediately after they occur. And for more difficult stains a professional cleaning service may be able to do the job. Some stains–such as bleach or wine– may be impossible to remove and are there to stay no matter what you try. If you have these types of permanent stains it may be time to begin looking into having the carpet replaced.

    2-  Wear and Tear

      Nylon carpet fibers are resilient and even when they appear matted down and out of shape, they may respond well to a professional carpet cleaning. Polyester carpet fibers, however, eventually tend to get matted down and once they lose their form they won’t regain it, even with professional carpet cleaning. In addition to losing its original shape and texture, your carpet will eventually develop rips and tears. Some small damage may be able to be professionally repaired, but if your carpet is developing large rips and tears it is a good sign that it is time to look into replacing carpet in  bedroom near Philadelphia.

      3- Persistent Odor

        Have you noticed a lingering odor coming from your carpet that does not dissipate even after a thorough cleaning? This is a sign that the odor has penetrated deep into the carpet fibers and perhaps even the carpet padding or floor beneath. It could also be indicative of mold or mildew growth. If this is the case than it is definitely time to have that carpet removed and fresh carpet put in.

        4- Increased Allergy Symptoms

          An older carpet will collect more allergens and may cause an increase in allergy symptoms for those who spend time those rooms. If you notice an increase in allergy symptoms and you have an older carpet, then the carpet may be the source of those allergies. Replacing the carpet could reduce those symptoms.

          If you have noticed some or all of the above signs and are considering replacing carpet in a bedroom near Philadelphia then contact Floor Coverings International today for a free consultation!

          Replacing Carpet In A Bedroom Near Philadelphia | Replacing Carpets In A Bedroom Near Philadelphia