Waterproof Vinyl Flooring: Quality And Luxury Without The Headaches

Waterproof vinyl flooring emulates the beautiful appearance of traditional flooring materials while offering enhanced durability and affordability

Is your home sporting a multi-colored vinyl floor that seemed like a good idea circa 1975? Or perhaps a carpet that’s suffered just a little bit too much at the hands of kids, pets, and glasses of wine? There’s no end to the flooring-related headaches that homeowners have to deal with.

Uneven flooring, soiled carpets, water damage, outdated flooring–even the most diligent homeowner cannot avoid these problems. So why not tackle your problematic flooring headaches in an effective and lasting way?

There’s no better solution to your home’s flooring quirks and qualms than waterproof vinyl flooring.

Waterproof vinyl flooring is the practical solution
Allow us to elaborate. Vinyl flooring offers the aesthetic appeal of many of the most popular flooring materials with added durability (and affordability) that solves and prevents the root problems that are leading you to replace your flooring in the first place.

Vinyl flooring from Floor Coverings International are practical, but that’s only one element of their appeal. Floor Coverings International uses the latest vinyl technology to create a flooring material that offers uniquely strong durability while convincingly emulating classic floor materials and styles.

That’s why waterproof vinyl flooring is such a great option. Consider, if you will, the pros and cons of hardwood flooring. The cons are many–susceptibility to water damage, scratches and material damage, unevenness. But, of course, there’s the very important pro–hardwood flooring is gorgeous. It’s a classic look that’s beloved by all.

But now consider this; for each con of hardwood, quality vinyl flooring offers a solution. Vinyl from Floor Coverings International iswaterproof flooring, fixing the problem of water damage. This makes waterproof vinyl flooring for bathrooms a great option.

As for scratches and material damage, consider again the durability of quality vinyl. Waterproof vinyl flooring has a protective top layer that is scratch-resistant, tear-resistant, and more thick and resilient than cheap vinyl peel-and-stick flooring alternatives.

But what about appearance? Can waterproof vinyl flooring compete with hardwood or other classic materials in this regard? The answer: absolutely it can. Waterproof vinyl flooring looks like wood; it’s appearance emulates the fine appearance of wood minus the headaches. Waterproof vinyl flooring reviews consistently compliment not only the material practicality of Floor Coverings International’s quality vinyl flooring but also it’s realistic and lasting beauty.

If you’re tired of the difficulties that hardwood, stone, ceramic, or other traditional floorings present, waterproof vinyl flooring from Floor Coverings International just might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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