Replacing Carpet in A Living Room

A tale of two men
Which will be your future? When you’re replacing carpet in a living room, there are things you should know about warranties to guarantee your carpet quality.

Once upon a time, there were two men who graduated from the same high school, went to college in the same area, and found careers in similar areas of the field. They were very alike, these two men.

When they each bought their first house, they had several choices to make. What kind of furniture to buy? Whether to keep the paint and wallpapering the same, or make changes? Most of all, they had the fundamental decision of flooring. Would they install wood, tile, linoleum, carpet….?

The fact was, one of these men turned out happier in the end because he realized that the flooring choice would be one that would affect him for years to come. It would influence the styling of the house, the decor he and his wife would buy, and even more importantly (some would say), financial choices.

The other man did not realize how much his decision about flooring would affect all these things (the budget, how many repairs he would make, whether the flooring would trap heat to keep it in the house, etc). He purchased a cheap, low-quality carpet for his downstairs–and lived to regret it. Very soon he was undergoing cleaning and repair operations, and when he had a child, he was worried about sanitation because the carpet absorbed a lot of debis.

Very soon, the second man was replacing carpet in a living room, and this time, he was determined to get it right.

Why not get it right the first time around?
If you’re interested in replacing carpet in a living room, there are a few things you should know so that you end up like the first man in our story. He avoided many problems and boasted a beautiful, rich carpet in his house for many years because he took the time to find out what made the difference. You’d think he was a lot better off than the second man, but it’s not the case. For just a little more investment, and at a relatively low price industry-wide, the first man benefited tenfold.

What makes a quality carpet

Carpets tend to look good when they are first installed, but time will reveal its true quality. To know what kind of carpet you are bargaining for, you should check out its warranty. Sometimes what it doesn’t say is more important than what it does say.

Crush Resistance Warranty. If you’re concerned about what your carpet will look like years from now, you should consider what the manufacturer guarantees regarding its crush resistance/texture retention. If there is a warranty for this, it means that the carpet will resist matting and crushing–the main ways that a carpet is degraded naturally over the course of its lifetime.

Stain Resistance Warranty. Many manufacturers give some guarantee about staining, so look for the strongest, simplest warranty you can find–by a company that is well-known and trustworthy.

Manufacturing Defects Warranty. You should always have a warranty about manufacturing defects, since it guarantees that the carpet will not be made sloppily. This protects against problems like the carpet face coming out of backing, dye, and tufts pulling out.

Wear Warranty. A very common warrantee, you are promised that carpet fiber will not wear away. This is NOT the same as manufacturing warranty.

Carpet Longevity. How long will the carpet last? Is the guarantee for 1, 5, 10 years? This will tell you a little something about how much the manufacturer can actually promise.

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