Porcelain Tile Flooring Is Your Bathroom’s Best Friend


Whether you’re stepping in for a quick shave or setting up for long, hot shower, your bathroom is a steadfast provider of personal maintenance. So why not give back to your bathroom with the long-lasting luxury of porcelain tile flooring? Here are a few reasons as to why you’ll be smitten with brand-new bathroom flooring, designed to match your style and your needs!


- Built Tough for Long-Lasting Use

    Porcelain tile flooring is a subset of ceramic, made from a finer and denser clay. When it’s fired at a higher temperature, it creates the porcelain substance we know and love, which is a tough, highly-durable flooring solution in this industry. Because of its hardened, non-porous nature, it’s better designed to last for the years to come, which will also ultimately be a cost-saving incentive for a room that handles fluctuating temperatures and moistures.

    - Easy to Maintain & Clean

      A huge benefit to having porcelain tile floors is knowing that the clean-up responsibilities are at a minimum. Because of the ceramic-type of material, the surface is non-porous, meaning it can handle the water spills a lot easier than competing types. To perform a thorough cleaning of the space, you can simply use a mop with water. In the event of a larger spill or flooding, you can also rest assured that the flooring will not be absorbing that excess of water.

      - Beautiful Designs

        Another great benefit to installing porcelain is the options in styles and designs that stretch your imagination. Tile floors are a great way to find a unique take on how you want your bathroom to look, offering several types of designs in a range of colors that can best match your desired motif. Plus, with the floors being easy to clean, you’ll rarely find yourself at a loss for shine!

        - Does Not Retain Heat

          While it may not seem like much in the colder months, porcelain provides a huge bonus in not retaining heat during the summer time. No matter what temperature it may be outside when you step on the tile flooring in your bathroom, you can often expect a cool touch. To have the best of both worlds, you can consider furnishing your bathroom with a small rug, which can serve as the buffer between your floor and the shower.

          Upgrade Your Bathroom

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