How to Keep Your Sanity While Choosing Tile Flooring

Tile flooring can be costly or cheap, fragile or strong; know your options before you shop.

Whether you’re buying a new home, renovating your old one, or building one from scratch–appliances, carpet, tile flooring, staircases– chances are you have a lot on your plate. Life is busy all the time anyway, and it just gets busier as time goes on. And we sacrifice, every time. What we sacrifice evolves with our needs. The progression of life isn’t always easy.

Like when you were fifteen, and none of your friends understood that you never had free time. So you sacrificed a friend or two: the ones who insisted on spending hours every day on the telephone or playing video games until 4 in the morning. When you went off to college, and discovered that it was your grades or the parties, you sacrificed the epic movie-esque blow-out parties, in favor of staying in with a few nerdy friends doing homework and drinking cheap beers.

Work is stressful, marriage is marriage. And you heartily thank your lucky stars for Netflix. But then a child arrives. ‘Bye-bye Netflix. Bye-bye friends.’ you murmur in sync to the waving of an unimaginably tiny hand.

You’re at the next step, now. What more is there to sacrifice? Surely you know the exhaustion, when your headache beats to the tune of “I’ve got nothing left to give. I’ve got nothing left to give.” Physically, you’re drained. You’ve given all of your time, money, and effort.

But you still have your peace of mind: your sanity. Is this the next thing to go?

Don’t give up your sanity.

3 steps to choosing tile flooring without losing your mind
- Find a Reputable Seller like Floor Coverings International who offers the following:
      - Designconsultants. Preferably one who will come to your home with a…
      - Mobile showroom. Imagine actually getting to see and feel thousands of samples. For some, having thousands of options may seem like a nightmare, but a design consultant can help you narrow down those myriad options to the selection that match your criteria…all from the comfort of your home! Speaking of comfort in your home, you’re going to want…
      - Professional installers who will come to your home, install your tile flooring, clean up, and skedaddle. No mess. No messing up. As long as you chose…
      - A reputable company: a name you can trust. In the internet age, you have access to reviews on almost any business you can imagine. So don’t settle for less than the best.

- Know the Answers to the questions Houzz lists:
      - Where do you want to put the tile? Bathroom? Floor or backsplash?
      - What is your budget? Depending on the size of the space to be covered, your budget could range from the cost of a fishing trip to the cost of a trip to Milan. It’s important to know which one you can do.
      - What’s the wear and tear going to be like? Identify who and what will be tramping over the tile, and how often. Some tile is very pretty, but not up to any kind of traffic.

- Trust the professionals.
      - Sit back. You’ve done your research, you’ve found the right company, you’ve given them all the necessary information. So…
      - Relax!
      - Netflix, anybody?