4 Advantages of Installing Laminate Flooring in Your Home


If you’re installing new floors in your home, then you’re constantly confronted with information and decisions. You encounter facts and figures about different flooring options and their prospects for longevity, cost/benefit analyses, flooring installation companies, laminate flooring reviews and so on. You’ve probably searched the benefits of laminate flooring vs hardwood, tile vs vinyl, hardwood vs carpet, and all sorts of other comparative combinations.

At Floor Coverings International, we want to help you make the most informed and confident flooring decisions. As part of that mission, we’ve decided to briefly outline the benefits of laminate flooring so that you don’t have to comb through site after site to gather data. This post will give you a robust idea of what you have to gain from installing laminate flooring and, as a result, will help provide the information you need to compare it to other flooring options.


Laminate floors are…
  1. Easy to maintain. Laminate doesn’t require an excessive amount of work or effort to keep clean. Dirt and dust don’t easily stick to it, so some regular sweeping and occasional mopping will have it looking as good as new, no matter how long it’s been there.
  2. Excellent for imitating hardwood. Many homeowners choose laminate when they don’t want hardwood but, at the same time, would like to imitate the look of hardwood. A great benefit of laminate is that it is highly customizable, providing many options to work with. So no matter which hardwood flooring style you would like to imitate, there’s a perfect laminate option out there for you.
  3. Durable. Laminate can withstand a lot. Laminate is highly scratch-resistant, even more so than hardwood. If you want a floor that can look excellent no matter what it comes into contact with, then laminate is bound to be an excellent option for you.
  4. Cost-effective. Laminate not only alleviates fears of floor damage and incessant cleaning, but it’s also kind to your bank account. Laminate is a great investment, not only because of its quality and longevity but because you don’t have to spend much in the first place.


Now that you have a robust idea of the clear advantages of laminate flooring, you can make more informed and confident flooring decisions. There is no shortage of flooring options available to you, and the optimal flooring materials strongly depend on your needs, preferences and the design of your home.

At Floor Coverings International, we go far beyond just providing helpful information to homeowners. If you give us a call, then we will send a knowledgeable representative to your home for a free consultation. We will discuss all of the flooring options available to you, address any questions or concerns and offer our quality laminate flooring installation services. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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