3 Reasons to Not Buy Waterproof Flooring in Vermont


At Floor Coverings International, we always have clients who are excited to install high-quality waterproof flooring in Vermont. Homeowners find comfort in flooring material that is sturdy and water-resistant. For many, installing waterproof flooring in areas of the house that are vulnerable to water damage is a no-brainer.

So are there any reasons to not install water-resistant flooring in Vermont? If you’re on the fence about the issue, then you may be interested in hearing both sides of the argument. So let’s look at some of the most compelling reasons to avoid installing any waterproof flooring in your home, whatsoever. After reading this, you should have a good idea of the most prominent points on both sides of this debate.


You may want to avoid waterproof flooring altogether if you enjoy:

  1. Manually removing stains: Flooring that is not water-resistant is highly vulnerable to stains. If you’ve ever removed floor stains, then you understand how complicated the task can be. Successfully removing stains involves a lot of stress, special cleaning products, and unwavering persistence. But if you are someone who enjoys the anxiety and exhaustion involved in stain removal, then you should definitely avoid waterproof floors in VT.
  2. Replacing floors: Not only is non-waterproof flooring more prone to stains, but it can also be ruined by water damage. Leaks, spills, and floods all threaten the quality and integrity of floors that are more vulnerable to liquid damage. If there is too much water damage, then the flooring needs to be replaced, which incurs a lot of work and financial cost. However, those who enjoy replacing their damaged floors, or at least enjoy worrying about having to do so in the case of an unfortunate event, should not install VT waterproof flooring.
  3. Mold: The more your floors can sustain water damage, the more likely they are to foster mold growth. Since mold slowly destroys everything it grows upon, mold can cause serious damage to your home. In order to properly address mold, you may have to invest in mold inspection and remediation, which can be quite pricey. But if you are fond of mold, or enjoy the process of mold remediation, then don’t allow any waterproof flooring into your home.

The Best Source for Waterproof Flooring

Now that you have heard the other side of the debate, you can make a much more informed decision about flooring in your home. If you are still not convinced by these reasons and still want to install waterproof flooring in rooms that are most vulnerable to water damage, then do not hesitate to contact us at Floor Coverings International. We will provide you with the best waterproof flooring in Vermont!

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