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When was the last time you looked for vinyl flooring near Glassboro?  If it has been a while, you might be surprised by some of the amazing innovations that have advanced flooring technology.  In the past, vinyl flooring was well known for its affordability and durability in any room.  However, it was not always synonymous with luxury or elegance.  But now with recent changes, you can have it all.  While the durability and amazing savings remain, with luxury vinyl flooring near Glassboro, you can also achieve the looks of elegance you love for any room in your home.

At Floor Coverings International Cherry Hill, we are proud to bring Glassboro residents like you luxury vinyl flooring options that can transform your home.  Thanks to advancements in imaging and flooring design, we can now offer vinyl flooring that look virtually the same as your favorite luxury materials, such as hardwood, marble, or even ceramic tiles.  The vinyl even comes in planks or tiles in order to more accurately replicate an authentic appearance.  In addition to this elegant appearance, you still get the comfort, durability, and savings of traditional vinyl flooring.

So, if you always wanted hardwood for your living room, but didn’t want to worry about maintaining it with the wear and tear an active family, there is a solution that can fit all of your needs.  If you love the look of marble, but hate the cold feeling it lends to a room, you can find elegance and warmth with luxury vinyl.  You can even get the look of hardwood in a bathroom or kitchen without having to worry about moisture control.  Luxury vinyl flooring is the solution that families like yours have been looking for, and now it is available nearby at Floor Coverings International Cherry Hill.

For more information about luxury vinyl flooring near Glassboro, or to schedule your in-home consultation with one of our Design Associates, contact us today at 856-616-9566.

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