4 Qualities You Need in Your Restaurant Flooring

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When designing or remodeling a restaurant, appearance is a key factor.

For the ideal restaurant flooring, however, aesthetics need to be balanced with practicality, functionality, and cleanliness.

After all, the guests of your restaurant will no doubt notice an unattractive floor; but they will likewise notice one that is ill-maintained, unclean, or features topical or water damage

Fortunately, Floor Coverings International features an extensive range of flooring options that strike the perfect balance between practical function and stunning appearance. That means you don’t have to compromise either of these essential elements.

4 Qualities of Ideal Vermont Restaurant Flooring

What characteristics should a practical floor designed for restaurant use embody? Consider the following four essential features and restaurant flooring ideas.

  • Waterproof
    When choosing between various restaurant flooring options, choosing a waterproof flooring type will have a lasting effect on the long-term functional lifespan (especially for the kitchen area). A material that is susceptible to water damage will lose both functionality and visual appeal as the inevitable spills and leakages that are a part of food service occur.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
    Stain-resistance, spill-resistance, and easy-to-clean surfaces are invaluable features of Vermont restaurant flooring. Choosing restaurant flooring materials such as luxury vinyl or laminate flooring help to ensure a neat, hygienic floor space with minimal maintenance needs.
  • Durable
    The reality of the restaurant industry is that your floor will inevitably suffer a great degree of wear and tear as thousands of guests and workers come and go, kitchen equipment and tables are moved, and spills and accidents occur. Choosing a durable flooring material, such as vinyl, tile, stone, or certain hardwoods is a wise investment.
  • Aesthetically Inviting
    Are you purchasing flooring for a restaurant with a sleek, modern atmosphere? Or a warm, classic appearance? Find a practical flooring that complements the overall aesthetic, whether that means modern luxury vinyl or classic hardwood or stone.

To learn more about Vermont restaurant flooring products or to place an order from the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International, contact us today.