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A First-Timer’s Guide for Choosing the Best Restaurant Flooring in Vermont

restaurant floor coveringsHandling a high-traffic industry can be stressful, especially when starting up a new business. And each element of the business’ physical property can make a huge impact on return visitors. As you’re considering your options for the best restaurant flooring in Vermont, remember that there are no wrong answers (except for carpeting, which can be a hassle to clean up spills). Take these materials into account as you narrow down your decision.

  1. Vinyl
    Vinyl is always a safe option for restaurant flooring in Vermont. For starters, it provides a flat, clear surface that can handle a food spill with ease. Cleaning is simplified down to using a standard wet mop, with no need for harsh chemicals. Plus, with vinyl flooring, you have the option of building your own atmosphere by choosing one of many available designs and colors. Choose between faux hardwood and other unique styles to set the tone you need!
  2. Laminate
    Following in similarity with vinyl, laminate is a great choice for restaurant flooring in Vermont, due to its customizable nature. It can also mimic popular styles like hardwood, and can be cleaned and maintained with ease. It’s also designed with durability in mind, making it last for many years of foot traffic to come.
  3. Hardwood
    Hardwood would fall under the category of luxurious options, in that the price can be a little higher than other materials. That being said, it can improve on the general atmosphere of any public venue. The warmth and timeless style, mixed with its inherent durability, turns it into an investment on the future of your restaurant. And with its deterrent abilities on dust and other allergens, patrons will be glad to have one less concern as they eat.
  4. Tile
    The beauty of porcelain tile can transform any restaurant flooring in Vermont into a regal palace. With dozens and dozens of options for colors, styles and designs, tile is great for any specific type of theme. Its lack of VOC emission and non-flammable nature makes it one of the safest options for restaurants, due to the nature of the business. And its environmentally-friendly properties can be boasted as both a health and an aesthetic benefit.

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