Three Carpet Commercial Flooring Trends You Have to See!

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At Floor Covering International, one of the goals we strive for is relevancy. It’s important for facilities managers to be able to consult with a flooring contractor who understands current design elements and trends. One recent trend includes the juxtaposition of different colors and textures in carpeting. Facilities managers are adopting this style of commercial flooring to upgrade their industrial spaces. Doing so allows them to achieve a distinctive, modern look.


In addition to understanding the latest commercial flooring systems, our FCI design associates know how to implement these systems so they remain applicable and attractive over time.


If you’re seeking captivating, contemporary, and high-quality flooring for your commercial space, FCI can help you find the perfect solution.

Check out Three of the Latest Trends in Carpet Commercial Flooring Systems

Our company has had the opportunity to implement a number of flooring trends throughout our 20-plus years in business. We’ve also had the pleasure of working with a diverse mix of commercial industries. As our portfolio of projects expands, we’re excited to share the latest advancements in the flooring industry.


Take a look at how commercial spaces are utilizing carpet and carpet tiles to make bold and beautiful statements.

  1. Pop of Centralized Color
    It’s risky to decorate an entire office space with bold colors. The more audacious the hue, the more you limit the scope of future design alterations. There is a way, however, to add a pop of color without dominating the entire space. International SOS selected a cerulean-blue shade for a specific area of carpeting. The bright color compliments the surrounding gray carpeting while drawing attention to the middle section of the room.
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  1. Color for Dimension
    While stepping out of the conservative realm of decor may feel risky, it can be done well to elevate the depth and design of a space. Interspersing bright colors like red and orange in rectangular- and square-shaped groupings will add dimension to an otherwise bland space. Using a beige- or tan-based carpet helps to offset and compliment the bold, warmer shades of the color wheel. Having shapes of bright colors also paves the way for clever design possibilities elsewhere. Light fixtures, wall decor, and furniture can pick up accents of both the colors and shapes selected.
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  1. Movement and Texture
    To achieve the color and texture trend, you do not have to go too bold or too bright. The beauty of many modern, carpet tile systems is that they come with a range of ready-made blended colors and textures. Many of our commercial clients choose these built-in pairings to produce a textured effect. The blue and gray combination of waves in the carpet pictured, blend well with the natural wood surroundings and furniture. These combinations promote fluidity and openness within the space.
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While there are many advantages of opting for carpet flooring, the use of color and texture in many other commercial flooring systems can be easily replicated. Laminate, vinyl, luxury vinyl, and tile can be adapted to have the same color pairings and variations in texture.

More Trends to Follow in Commercial Flooring

In addition to a portfolio packed with unique and functional carpet flooring projects, FCI has a host of other commercial flooring systems from which to choose.


Our commercial clients can select from a wide inventory of flooring, which includes:

  • Vinyl
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Luxury Vinyl
  • Tile

We’ve helped countless facilities managers in healthcare, hospitality, corporate business, education, retail, and more find the best flooring solutions for their needs.


In addition to an easy consultation process, in which our commercial mobile showroom comes directly to you, we offer existing floor demos and clean up and installation services.


If you’ve been searching for a lasting commercial flooring system, FCI can help.


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