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Not everyone knows what to expect when it comes to commercial flooring installation. Even if you’re a facilities manager with previous experience in installing carpet flooring, maybe it’s your first go at luxury vinyl.


At Floor Coverings International, we’re experts in helping commercial clients find the perfect solution to their flooring needs. We’ve assisted a variety of clients, from corporate companies to small, independently-owned businesses, and everyone in between. If you’re ready to maximize your commercial flooring installation experience, FCI is here to help!

Comparing Commercial Flooring Installation Processes

One of the first questions about installing commercial floors usually is, “How long will it take?” Although this is a simple question, the answer is rather complex. After all, your commercial flooring options are vastly different. The installation requirements of carpet aren’t the same as those of hardwood or luxury vinyl—and vice versa.


With that said, take a look at a few common commercial floor installation processes:

  • Carpet
    Commercial carpet comes with one of the most pain-free installation processes. Typically, there isn’t a ton of prep work involved. Carpet tiles are even easier to install and are currently dominating commercial carpeting sales. Although there is no magic timeframe, generally a 400 to 500 square-foot carpet installation can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day. Installation time always varies depending on the client’s preferred timeframe and the number of allotted laborers for an installation job. (A note on carpets: Sometimes, new carpet can give off an interesting aroma. Low VOC labels are less inclined to produce an odor. Airing out a newly carpeted room for 24-hours can help alleviate unpleasant smells.)
  • Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl
    If you’re looking for another fairly smooth installation process, vinyl and luxury vinyl fit the mold. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) and luxury vinyl planks (LVPs) add ease to installation because they’re made to “click together.” As an added advantage, luxury vinyl can often be placed on top of existing types of subflooring. This reduces the amount of installation time required, if there is a preexisting floor.
  • Laminate
    Unlike LVTs and LVPs, laminate requires an even subfloor. Provided that no prep for the subfloor is needed, the time to install laminate flooring typically mirrors the time for carpet installation: from a few hours to a full day, depending on scheduling and labor.
  • Tile
    The tile installation process is slightly more laborious than the previously mentioned types of commercial flooring. In addition to prepping the subfloor and installing individual tiles and grout, some types of tile require a sealing process. It may take a professional approximately ten hours to install tile in an average-size room. This will require more time if there is more square footage involved, so consider the size of your room before committing to this choice.
  • Hardwood
    Commercial hardwood installation widely varies. Generally, engineered hardwood takes less time to install than solid and unfinished wood, which may take weeks. Hardwood requires a greater installation time due to acclimation. The hardwood must first adjust to the humidity of the space before it can be installed to prevent warping. While this process may only take a few days, another day or two will be required to install the wood. If wood flooring is unfinished, it will need to be sanded, stained, or both.

Although time is an important detail to determine the best commercial floor for you and your space, make sure you select an option to fit all of your needs. For example, if you have a traffic-intense space, you lean towards more durable floor choices such as carpet, carpet tiles, vinyl, or luxury vinyl.

Other Commercial Flooring Installation Considerations

The best way to truly assess the installation timeframe is to schedule a consultation. This way, your flooring contractor can capture essential details about the needs of your space—square footage, dimensions, and any time restrictions or other preferences you have.


Of course, there are always additional factors to consider. In some cases, weather may hinder the date of installation. Excessive humidity is not ideal for many types of flooring, nor is moisture. Likewise, some flooring may require additional time to solidify to the subfloor. No matter what obstacles arise, FCI will work with you and make the best of any circumstances.


For more tips and suggestions regarding commercial flooring installation, reach out to one of our design experts any time.


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