Your 5 Best Options When Replacing Flooring In A Bedroom


So you’re looking to replace the flooring in a bedroom? What an awesome project to get started – especially in one of the most important rooms in your home! Whether it’s the master bedroom, children’s bedroom or guest bedroom; they each have an equally as important job to take care of. What is that job? Making you, your family and your guests feel comfortable.

Now that you’ve decided to start remodeling those floors, let’s find out the 5 best options you have when replacing flooring in a bedroom.

Why Choosing The Material For  Replacing Flooring In A Bedroom Can Be A Hard Decision

Have you ever thought about the impact your flooring has on your daily life? Especially your bedroom flooring. Just think, your bedroom floor is the first thing your feet touch in the morning, and the last thing your feet touch before climbing into bed at night. Your flooring sets the stage for that warm, welcome feeling you want your guests to feel when they step into the guest bedroom, or that intimate or romantic feeling you want to fill your master bedroom with. Whatever the feeling you want for your home, you can start with the floor.

Choosing the right color, texture and design is important when replacing flooring in a bedroom.

Your 5 Best Options For Replacing Flooring In A Bedroom

  • Carpet – As one of the more popular options, carpet creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. Carpet doesn’t let you down when it comes to providing warmth on those cold winters months, and a sense of luxury with that tactile comfort.
  • Hardwood Floors – Hardwood flooring happen to be the second most popular when replacing flooring in a bedroom. Why, you ask? It provides exceptional beauty in each plank that’s placed. Hardwood is also great for combining with throw and area rugs.
  • Cork Floors – Can you imagine waking up and setting foot on your soft, spongy floor? No, we don’t mean spongy like a kitchen sponge. Instead, the flooring gently cradles your feet with every step you take. Cork is not only great for providing a soft floor, but also helps keep in warmth due to the millions of tiny air bubbles in the cork, which helps insulate the flooring.
  • Vinyl Floors – A great option for those who may be looking for a hardwood or stone finish, but can’t afford the price tag. Not only does it mimic beautiful flooring, which allows it to be beautiful flooring in itself, but when combined with an underlayment padding, you will have a soft feel with warm installation like carpet, as well.
  • Laminate Floors – Laminate, just like vinyl, can reproduce the look of hardwood. Laminate is a thin piece of natural material, covered by an invisible wear layer that prevents stains and damage. You can also combine laminate with an underlayment padding for that soft, insulated feeling.

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