Vinyl Flooring Pros and Cons


Vinyl flooring is one of the go-to choices for any homeowner, simply because it is so versatile and cost-effective. Many homeowners know that vinyl flooring can offer pretty much any look you want for your home, but they don’t realize that vinyl 
flooring sheets aren’t always the best choice. While it’s true that vinyl flooring 

exists for nearly any look you want, that doesn’t mean it’s the best material for the job. Only your circumstances and your home can help you decide what material you should use for your new flooring.

At Floor Covering International, we want all of our customers to be well-informed about the choices available to them. When people can make informed decisions, they can pick the best choice for them and their home with the knowledge of their own home and lifestyle that only they have. Let Floor Coverings International help you make a decision on vinyl flooring. Take a look at this list of vinyl flooring pros and cons and see if it is really what you’re looking for.


Vinyl flooring sheets are made of a vibrantly-colored vinyl sheet that can be installed precisely and comes in pretty much every color and pattern you can think of. Here are some of the vinyl flooring pros and cons our customers should know when considering vinyl flooring.

The Pros:

  • A huge assortment of colors and styles, mimicking every flooring surface from wood planks to stone tiles.
  • A slightly softer surface than wood or linoleum, making it more comfortable to stand on for long period of time.
  • Extremely durable, and if well-maintained can easily last decades.
  • Very resistant to dirt and water, and can even be installed directly over existing sub-floor.
  • Very time-effective, requiring almost no maintenance and very easy to clean.
  • Quick and easy for a professional crew to install, so you don’t need to worry about being kicked out of the under-construction rooms for long.

The Cons:

  • The soft surface can be easily gouged by sharp or very heavy objects. Heavy antique furniture, in particular, can damage it.
  • It can be difficult to remove once installed.
  • While many vinyl flooring sheets are convincing impressions of wood and stone flooring, they are not perfect. Up close, vinyl is clearly not hardwood flooring and does not increase the resale value of a home like hardwood flooring does.

As you can see, the pros of vinyl often outweigh the cons. However, there are circumstances in which FCI would not recommend a vinyl flooring installation (such as a home with many heavy pieces of antique furniture) and would instead point homeowners towards different options. For more information about vinyl flooring and how it stacks up to other options, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.