Unique Flooring Ideas for Mixing, Matching, and Making an Impression

For years, simplicity has ruled the roost. Homeowners have adopted a minimalist attitude toward decor in the past decade. From the walls to flooring and everything in between, the trend was muted colors, clean lines, and a classic understated ambiance.

Today, things have changed. In fact, homeowners now seek bright, bold, eclectic decor options, including unique flooring ideas. If you’re ready to become part of the mix, match, and make an impression generation of homeowners, these flooring options are designed for you!


How can you pull off a unique flooring option without making your home resemble Pee-Wee’s Playhouse? Don’t panic. All you need to remember are a couple of important facts.

  1. An expert flooring design specialist will help you achieve the look you want
  2. It’s always better to start off slowly

If, however, you’re pumped and primed to dive into unique flooring ideas, there’s plenty of places to start. Take a look at five different ways to elevate the unique look of your home flooring:

1- Luxury Vinyl Tile Meets Hardwood
Let’s say a homeowner loves stone and adores hardwood but can’t afford both. Thanks to the latest mix-and-match flooring trend, there are ways to achieve the look you want without the price you don’t. Luxury vinyl tile that resembles stone works quite well in a kitchen area. And, it transitions nicely with hardwood flowing into the next room. From a practical standpoint, luxury vinyl tile is much easier to care for than stone. It is much better suited to the rigors of moisture and high-traffic in the kitchen. Plus, this option is more affordable than stone tile.

2- Hardwood Meets Hardwood
Isn’t this a no-no? In the past, purveyors of hardwood would typically steer clear of installing two different types of hardwood floors in close proximity to each other. Currently, however, this design is being used more frequently. Pairing deep hardwood with a lighter shade works nicely in split-level home designs—especially if you can find a light hardwood with flecks that pull out the dark hardwood. If the split is visible from one room to another, a lighter shade is best found on the higher level, while a deep hardwood is ideal for the lower level. Are stairs in-between? Even better. Switch between colors on each stair to pull the two rooms together.

3- Color Mix-and-Match
Luxury vinyl tile, while durable and easy to maintain, also offers a wealth of design creativity. Because the color palette of luxury vinyl is vast comes in individual tile pieces rather than a sheet, it’s practically begging for a color mix and match. The homeowner can choose how dynamic the color combinations should be. Some like to pair closely-related color tiles to comprise a full room, while others want a more drastic look that alternates more prominently dissimilar shades.
4- Herringbone Design
The herringbone pattern provides a modern look, especially when paired with at least one or two different colors. This look works especially well with porcelain tiles. For those who aren’t sure where to apply this look, try the bathroom. It’s a great way to add both depth and creativity to space.
5- White Wash
Doesn’t white equal simplistic and minimalist? Not necessarily. In fact, it may be one of the more unique flooring ideas because of how it opens the possibilities of a room. Whether applying a white hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, laminate, or ceramic, it can be topped with a brightly-colored carpeted space, or adjoined by one. It opens limitless options for wall paint color and surrounding decor.

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