Top 4 Fresh Options for Replacing Flooring in Living Room near Palmyra

Spring is just around the corner, and homeowners’ thoughts are turning fondly toward home renovation projects.  One of the most popular – and, thanks to Floor Coverings International, one of the easiest! – upgrades to make is replacing flooring in living room near Palmyra.  As you make plans freshening up for your living room floors, here are the top four exciting options to consider this year.


Hardwood floors have historically been one of the most popular choices in every room of the home, and living rooms are no exception. With proper care and maintenance, wood floors perform beautifully in living rooms of all sizes. With proper care, finish/seal, and maintenance, wood floors are a practical and lovely upgrade.


With the continued growth of the environmentally conscious movement, the number of homeowners looking for eco-friendly options is on the rise.  As a result, cork and bamboo floors are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Both are constructed from tropical grasses that replenish themselves in the wild every few years.  They are also naturally resistant to bacteria, making them excellent choices for replacing flooring in living room near Palmyra.


Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is an increasingly popular choice for replacing flooring in living room near Palmyra for several reasons. There are literally thousands of patterns to suit your home and space, including distressed wood, specialty wood, traditional wood, stone, and unique patterns in many colors.  In addition, it is comfortable under foot, resistant to spills and stains, easy to clean and maintain, and incredibly versatile and practical.


Carpet flooring offers numerous benefits and advantages for replacing flooring in living room near Palmyra. It is soft, warm, and comfortable under foot, and its sound-absorbency creates a quieter, intimate space.  Stain protection options are helpful for pet owners, and it only requires low to medium periodic maintenance.

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