Top 3 Tips for Buying New Carpet for Your New Home

Discover the top 3 tips for buying new carpet from the experts.

When you go searching for a new house, you have a list of all the things you want. More space, a big yard, maybe even a hot tub. Whether or not a certain kind of flooring is on your list, it’s very important for your new home. You may not want to do construction to add a new room or change a space, but buying new flooring for your new home can add a new look. So look for the space you want and then you can change the décor to fit your tastes. If you’ve just bought a new home, congratulations! If you’re ready to start buying new carpet to make your new place beautiful, we can help.

1- When Buying New Carpet, Look Around

    Don’t buy carpet at the first store you stop by. Buying new carpetfor your home is a major investment, so take some time to shop around. Do price comparisons and educate yourself on what quality carpet looks like. Just because a certain type of carpet is more expensive doesn’t mean it’s higher quality. And likewise, the best price on carpet isn’t always the best deal.

    Figure out what look you’re going for and see what is out there at different price points. And one last tip: don’t pay attention to how carpet feels as your only qualifier. There are plenty of carpets that feel amazing but won’t last very long.

    2- Invest in a Quality Carpet Pad

      Most homeowners don’t think about what goes under their new carpet, but it is just as important as your carpet purchase. Carpet pads or an underlayment supports and cushions your carpet. Buying new carpet is pointless if you don’t get a quality pad to go underneath.

      Experts caution against buying a plain foam pad. Instead, make sure to get a pad that is both dense and thick enough for what you want. You can even get special pads with memory foam, spill traps, or antimicrobial properties.  

      3- Stay Within Your Budget

        This might be the most boring tip for buying carpet, but it’s the most important. Don’t buy fancy new carpet that you can’t afford. You’ll regret it later when you are struggling to keep up with payments or wish you had saved that money for something else. Stay within your budget when you go shopping for new carpet.

        Our design associates can help you decide on a good budget for what you want. You’ll find that you can still get a quality product while not breaking the bank. You’ve already spent a lot of money on your new home – so budget accordingly for buying new carpet.

        For more buying new carpet tips from the experts, contact us!

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