The Top Three Types of Household Floors for Families


We always want to make the best choices we can for our families, especially when it comes to the environment we provide at home.

The flooring you choose goes a long way to creating the right environment for your family. At Floor Coverings International, we bring over 25 years of experience and expertise to residential flooring and can help you decide which types of household floors are best for your family. Read more to learn about our top three picks for family-friendly floors.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has been a staple in American homes for decades. It continues to be one of the most popular flooring options on the market and is a great choice for any household with a family. Floor Coverings International offers the best hardwood floorsfor homeowners, especially those with families.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring:

  • It adds value to your home. 
    Hardwood floors make your home much more attractive to potential buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, adding hardwood floors to your home raises the value so much that most owners will recoup over 90% of the flooring and installation cost in added value. In other words, your hardwood flooring pays for itself.
  • It’s long-lasting.
    Hardwood flooring is an investment that will last. Properly maintained hardwood floors have an estimated lifespan of around 75 years, and the best hardwood floors can last even longer. Few other flooring options can say that.
  • It brings natural beauty to your home.
    If there was ever a floor that could elevate the sophistication of your home, it would be hardwood. It’s no wonder hardwood flooring continues to dominate the residential flooring market. If you want a natural flooring for you and your family, hardwood flooring is an excellent choice.  

Laminate Flooring

Advancements in laminate flooring have made it an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. It’s durable, stylish, and comes with many benefits; even waterproof laminate flooring options are now available.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring:

  • It’s affordable. 
    If you love the look of hardwood but don’t love the cost, then laminate flooring may be the perfect choice for you. Laminate flooring is one of the most affordable family-friendly floors on the market. And because some manufacturers now produce waterproof laminate flooring, you’ll never have to worry about a spill ever again.
  • It’s easy to maintain. 
    With no special cleaners needed, laminate flooring is easy to keep in good shape. In most cases, basic sweeping is all you need for daily maintenance!
  • It looks realistic.
    Laminate flooring today is highly realistic. The surface layer is created using photo-imaging technology that accurately imitates the look of natural flooring materials such as hardwood. Laminate flooring technology makes the look of hardwood possible at a fraction of the price.

Carpet Flooring

Classic carpet is a great choice for homeowners and families. While there are many obvious benefits to carpet, there are a few advantages offered by residential carpet that many people might not immediately think of.

Benefits of Carpet:

  • It improves air quality in the home.
    Does anyone in your family have allergies? One of the things that makes carpet a great choice for the home is it makes the air healthier for you and your family. Carpet traps dust, pollen, and other allergens and keeps them out of the air. With a quick vacuuming session, you can capture a lot more allergens than you would have been able to with other floors. The result is a kid-proof, pet-proof carpet that makes for a healthier home.
  • It prevents slips and falls.
    Carpet material offers traction that reduces the chance for a slip and fall, which is a big bonus for anyone with children. If someone does happen to fall, the cushioning carpet provides greatly reduces the chance of injury.
  • It absorbs sound.
    Homes with families can get pretty busy, which means it can get pretty loud. But of all the floors available for homes, carpet is the best at absorbing sound. Not only does the cushioning absorb noise, carpet also acts as a sound barrier between floors for multi-story homes.  

For the best hardwood flooring, regular or waterproof laminate flooring, or classic carpet flooring, Floor Coverings International has what you need to make your home the best environment possible for your family. For more information or to schedule a free in-home consultation, please contact us today!