The Three Best Types of Flooring Materials for Kitchens


Flooring is a central part of any kitchen. When remodeling kitchens, homeowners on average allocate upwards of 10% of costs for the flooring alone. But with so many different types of flooring materials available for kitchens, which one is the best for you? The experts at Floor Coverings International can help you break down the benefits of the top types of flooring materials for kitchens so you can make the best choice for your home.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is one of the most popular types of floor materials for kitchens. It’s an improvement over traditional ceramic tile because new manufacturing processes make it harder and less porous, enhancing its resilience. People love porcelain for their kitchens because:

  • It’s incredibly durable
  • It’s moisture resistant 
  • It doesn’t absorb odors or bacteria

Our Recommendations:

Because porcelain is one of the hardest types of floor covering materials, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes or using area rugs if you plan to stand on it for long periods of time. To ensure your porcelain floor is moisture resistant, check to make sure it’s properly sealed.  

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a very durable floor that has a wide variety of design options. Available in standard vinyl or high-end luxury vinyl, this floor can mimic your favorite types of stone flooring materials or hardwood planks. It’s toughness and versatility are making it one of the fastest-growing flooring options for kitchens. Vinyl flooring is popular because:

Our Recommendations:

Of the different types of flooring materials available in vinyl, sheet vinyl is the best for water resistance. This is because it lacks the seams present in vinyl plank or vinyl tile that water can get into. For the most realistic-looking vinyl floors with the highest level of durability, we recommend luxury vinyl flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

Wood-type flooring is the most popular flooring in the United States, and for good reason. Classic hardwood flooring adds unbeatable beauty to any home, and that includes your kitchen. Hardwood floors are ideal for homeowners with open floor plans who want continuity throughout the house. Of all the different types of flooring materials, hardwood flooring is an excellent choice because:

  • It’s low-maintenance 
  • It adds investment value to your home  
  • It’s very long-lasting —  up to 100 years or longer

Our Recommendations:

It’s important to wipe up any spills right when they happen, as hardwood flooring is prone to swelling and warping. Prefinished wood floors last longer than unfinished floors and are better at resisting moisture. You can also opt for engineered wood floors for even better moisture resistance.

Of these types of flooring materials, any one will make a great flooring for your kitchen. The right flooring for you comes down to your needs and preferences, and the experts at Floor Coverings International are here to match you with the perfect floor for your home. To learn more or schedule a FREE in-home design consultation, contact us today!