The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Flooring

The pros and cons of vinyl flooring explained for your benefit.


What are you looking for in flooring? We’d like to offer our best information on vinyl flooring as you consider your options in this highly versatile material. Compared to wood or carpet, vinyl provides a more affordable option that still can last a very long time! Because it wears so well, vinyl can last for 15-20 years until you need to replace it again. The other good news is that it can be easily installed, even over your current floor.

Read on to learn more of the biggest pros and cons of vinyl, and how that might affect your buying choices.


  • One of vinyl’s durability characteristics is water resistance. This makes vinyl a good choice for the bathroom or kitchen, as it is essentially impenetrable by water.
  • Heat insulation is another nice quality of vinyl. You won’t suffer from “cold feet” in wintertime when walking on vinyl—and it’s soft underfoot! You may have the option to add a padded layer to make walking on vinyl even more pleasurable. Some manufacturers automatically include this soft backing.
  • Versatility! There are many colors and styles to choose from, including some which imitate the appearance of stone, wood, or other natural flooring. The difference may be seen up close, but it’s not obvious from far away or to the untrained observer.
vinyl flooring
  • Cleaning and maintenance is quite straightforward. A vinyl floor won’t require the kind of special attention that some other specialized floors need. Just sweep it up and mop every so often, and your vinyl will be good as new!
  • Last, affordability is an obvious pro for vinyl. Depending on the type of materials you buy a low range vinyl could be only fifty cents per square foot. The difference in price will be determined by design appearance and tile quality.


  • Some types of vinyl are manufactured with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which means they may emit organic compounds during their first year of installation. Since 2010, less PVC has been used by many manufacturers when creating vinyl flooring products.
  • It is important to get the subfloor ready when you install vinyl. Any particles that remain beneath the vinyl might be seen through once it is installed.
  • Vinyl is soft enough that it won’t break glass for example if it’s dropped, but dropping a sharp object can gouge the surface. Therefore, it become necessary to be careful about moving furniture or when carrying sharp objects across vinyl if you want to preserve its appearance.

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