The Floor of the Future: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The pros of luxury vinyl flooring.

Luxury vinyl flooring provides an excellent choice for families and older folks seeking a versatile, durable, and stylish floor for their home.

What do you most desire in flooring? A beautiful design, a high-performance material that you can trust, no matter what? There’s a variety of options to choose from when it comes to vinyl. Unlike in the past, when vinyl was fairly standard and a similar style no matter what you chose, now you can get vinyl of so many types that oftentimes you may mistake it for the “real thing.” But make no mistake—luxury vinyl flooring is a beautiful and appealing choice in its own right. Vinyl’s no longer a copycat when it comes to the luxury types.

The vinyl difference

Because it wears so well, vinyl might last for 15, 20 years until you need to get it re-installed. You’re in luck when it comes to the installation part as well: it can be put directly over your current floor if you wish, making this process fast and easy.

The pros of luxury vinyl flooring:
- First, as is commonly known about vinyl, you know you’ll get versatility! With so many colors and styles to choose from, it’s possible to meet everyone’s needs and desires. Wood, stone, or just a funky design-your choice!
- Second, you will enjoy optimal heat insulation for your feet. Vinyl doesn’t give you the “cold feet” feeling you get from walking barefoot on a tile or stone floor. Plus, you’ll find that it has a nice leeway to it, making it soft on your feet. The softness factor is especially nice for people who want to protect their joints but still wish to have a solid (not carpet) flooring.
- The cleaning of vinyl is quite straightforward. Vinyl’s known to be resistant to stains, water, etc., and it’s easy to clean. Just sweep a mop over the floor and it’s good as new-no special care necessary!

With luxury vinyl flooring, you get the practicality of vinyl with its relatively lower cost, long lifetime, and versatility for diverse needs in a household—with the benefit of the beauty that comes with luxury flooring. If you’d like to check out our luxury vinyl at Cherry Hill International, be ready to get a glimpse of the highest quality in the industry. Please visit our website at