The Best Types of Carpet Flooring for the Rooms in Your House


If you’re thinking about redoing the floors in your current or new home, ask yourself a few key questions first: What type of flooring would look best in each room of the house? Are there different types of vinyl, hardwood and carpet flooring I should be aware of? For the best types of flooring and answers to all your questions, Floor Coverings International has you covered.

You may already know carpet flooring functions best in bedrooms and worst in bathrooms. But do certain types of carpet work better for certain families’ lifestyles? Discover what style and texture you want under your feet before making a final decision.

Two Kinds of Carpet Construction

Little loops are always created during the carpet weaving process; these loops are either cut or left as is to differentiate between the two types of carpet construction. Loop pile—with its looped fibers—is better at resisting stains, making it a great choice for a children’s playroom, living rooms or hallways with more foot traffic. Although this type of carpet is more durable, it comes with limited cushioning. Also, if you have pets with claws, you may want to avoid this construction.

Cut pile has no loops. It is denser and provides more cushion than loop pile. While this construction is the inferior stain-resister, there are certain kinds of cut pile that hold up better in high traffic than others. Cut pile typically works well in guest rooms, offices and bedrooms with lower traffic and wear.

Best Types of Carpet Flooring Fibers

Aside from the cut of your next carpet installation, you’ll want to consider the variety of fibers and textures available to choose from. Below are a few of our favorites:

  • Saxony: A cut carpet available in many different styles, it is commonly designed to minimize footprints and vacuum marks. Textured saxonies are versatile enough to be featured in nearly any room, but they look best in low-traffic, formal settings.
  • Berber: A looped style of carpet. Although berber is the popular choice for home offices and basements, it can also add a relaxed feel to any room in your home while offering some extra functionality and durability.
  • Frieze: Made of long fibers that have been tightly twisted. While laid-back in appearance, this type of carpet is very durable because of its twisted fibers. It works well in family rooms and basements where you are looking for a little more resistance to wear, but still want some comfort.

For the best types of flooring (whether you are looking for carpets, tile, vinyl and more), Floor Coverings International can provide the exceptional flooring installation service you’re looking for. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us today!

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