Replacing Flooring in a Living Room: The Complete Process


The prospect of replacing flooring in a living room can be an intimidating prospect. The living room and kitchen are the rooms of the house in which family members and guests spend the highest quantity of time. That means the stakes are naturally higher: excellent flooring can perfectly complete a living room, while low-quality or improperly installed flooring can compromise the function and appearance of the room.

At Floor Coverings International, we specialize in equipping rooms in residences of all types with the most functional, attractive, and high-quality flooring available. Our extensive catalog of living room flooring options (ranging from classic hardwoods to practical luxury vinyl) includes products ideally-suited for every taste, need, and type of living room.

If preparing to replace floor in a living room is a source of anxiety for you, Floor Coverings International’s effective and reliable floor replacement process will provide the results (and stress relief) you are seeking.


Whether you’re replacing flooring in an old house or simply redoing your living, Floor Coverings International provides unmatched service for replacing flooring in a living room. Listed below are the steps of our floor replacement consideration, ordering, and installation process.

  • First, FCI will schedule an in-home design consultation. This meeting with one of our design associate experts will be free of cost.
  • Your design associate will introduce you to possible design options in our Mobile Flooring Showroom. The Mobile Showroom features thousands of living room flooring options for your consideration.
  • After assessing and review products and options, you can confidently make a choice regarding the type of flooring you wish to purchase.
  • Measurements of your living room will be taken for planning and design purposes.
  • You will be provided with a price estimate for the total costs of replacing flooring in a living room.
  • After reviewing financing options, a final decision can be made regarding payment and purchasing.
  • At your chosen time, our team of flooring installation experts will arrive to commence the installation process.
  • Your living room will be carefully cleaned and any furniture or fixtures that need to be removed will be carefully moved and replaced when installation has finished.
  • Flooring will be installed with expert precision and attention to detail.
  • Your flooring will be finalized and you can begin enjoying your new living room floor.

Floor Coverings International’s planning, purchasing, and installation processes are thorough and always carried out with care. With an unmatched supply of high-quality products, we’re certain you’ll be able to find the ideal product to complement your living room. To learn more about replacing flooring in a living room with Floor Coverings International, contact us today.