Replacing Flooring In A Bathroom: DIY or Don’t?

Replacing flooring in a bathroom is a reasonable DIY project for some, but not all; ask yourself these questions before you get started.

Replacing flooring in a bathroom seems like it should be a relatively easy project for the determined DIY-er, right? After all, you are working with a relatively small area of the house and there are countless step-by-step guides available on the web.

At Cherry Hill Floor Coverings International, we certainly encourage experienced homeowners to tackle some flooring projects on their own.  However, we also know that the key to a satisfying and successful home improvement project is knowing your own limitations.  Starting a project without the right tools, time, or technical ability will only set you up for frustration and failure.  So, before you begin replacing flooring in a bathroom this weekend, take a moment to assess your situation.  Are you really ready to take on this project?  Or would your time and money be better spent calling a professional?


The exact tools that you will need to replace your bathroom flooring will vary depending upon the type of floor you are pulling out, and upon what you are installing.  Although you can find a full list of tools on many DIY sites online, for tiling, you can expect to use: a drill or driver, a notched trowel, a rubber float, and a wet saw or tile cutter, among others.  Some of the larger tools–such as the wet saw–can be rented from home improvement stores.  However, if you find that you will have to collect most, if not all, of the other, smaller supplies, you may find that the price tag on your project increases beyond your expectations.

replacing flooring in a bathroom


Although there are many instructional guides online that will guide you through the step-by-step process of replacing flooring in a bathroom, most of these depend upon the assumption that you will have a basic understanding of how to use the tools and processes described. Most home improvement guides rate this sort of project a “moderate” difficulty level.  So, if this is your first major project, you may want to call in the professionals.  However, if you know your way around the workshop and your toolbox, you may be good to go!


If you already have all of the tools and materials you will need, and you have a relatively good grasp on how to use them, then planning to replace your bathroom floor over the course of a weekend would be a reasonable timeline.  After you have removed the old flooring and have a solid base, This Old House contractor Angelo McRae estimates that tiling a bathroom floor will take you between 4 and 6 hours.  If you still have to select your new flooring or gather tools, though, you may want to plan to break this project up over the course of a couple weekends.

Whether you decide to install your new bathroom flooring on your own or you call in professional help, one of the most important steps you can take is choosing the right flooring product to begin with.  Cherry Hill Floor Coverings International’s design associates can help.  To find out more, please contact us today.