Picking the Perfect Floor? Here are Four Common Myths About Flooring


Between all of the retail stores, all of the DIY-type shows on TV, and even word of mouth, there is a LOT of information about home flooring, and there is also a fair amount of misconceptions about it as well. All of this can be daunting, so how do you sift through the information and even the misinformation?

Well, we’ve laid out a few common myths about home flooring. We want you to be fully equipped when picking the perfect floor for your home! You can also check out this great article by Isabelle Bergeron of styleathome.com “How to Choose the Right Floor Material”, where she breaks down some pros and cons of different flooring materials, and some things to be wary of, like not skimping on quality flooring installation.

Now, we’ll be honest, there are some hard and unfortunate truths about the flooring industry, like contractors looking out for the bottom line, salespersons selling you on floors you may not need, and low quality product that doesn’t last. However, it doesn’t have to be this way!

At Floor Coverings International Cherry Hill, we’ve have made it our focus to provide quality product, resourceful consultation, and unsurpassed service. We can really help make the process of picking the perfect floor an enjoyable experience for you, so that your home is fitted perfectly. Below we will lay out some misconceptions and how FCI Cherry Hill busts through them all!


  1. Hardwood and Stone are Unmatched – Yes, hardwood and stone/tile are the ultimate floor covering, and are tough to beat with their quality, durability, and beauty. And FCI has some great options! However, there are some other fantastic alternatives for lower costs.
  2. Good Flooring Has to Be Expensive – Great flooring options like luxury vinyl and laminate are durable, long-lasting, and emulate wood, stone, and tile in amazing new ways. Picking the perfect floor is possible with all these great options.
  3. Contractors Cannot Be Trusted – Just Do it Yourself – While there is nothing wrong with DIY, you don’t have to. We get it. Contractors can be hard to trust. But with FCI Cherry Hill, our unparallelled service and satisfied clients make us a great company to partner with! Sit back and enjoy your new floors with us.
  4. Flooring Consultants Are Too Sales-y – This may be true in some outlets, but FCI will send an experienced flooring specialist to your home and help work with you with options that work for you. If you aren’t satisfied, then we aren’t satisfied.

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