No Time for Carpet Measuring? Rely on FCI this Christmas


Amidst the many other errands, chores, and activities of the holiday season, Christmas is a surprisingly popular time of year for certain home improvements.

There are two key reasons why many families choose to redo their flooring or install new carpet at Christmastime. The first is quite simple: gift giving. Opting to give a practical, long-lasting present to their loved ones, many family members choose to give the gift of new home improvements. From overseeing carpet measuring to the selection of a much-needed new floor, the installation of new carpeting is a functional, greatly-appreciated Christmas gift.

The second reason to perform home improvements at Christmastime (specifically, prior to Christmas) is to have your home looking its best as friends, family, and guests descend upon it for holiday entertaining and festivities.

Whether as a gift to a loved one or as a means of ensuring your home is ready for company, installing new carpeting at Christmastime is a smart home improvement choice. However, with so many competing tasks, headaches, and stresses associated with the holiday season, allowing the flooring professionals at Floor Coverings International to handle the fine details and work of making your new carpet a reality (such as carpet measurements) is an equally smart decision; both for the sake of quality and your own personal sanity.


If you’re looking to install new carpeting in the timeframe surrounding the holidays, FCI’s streamlined method is an invaluable asset.

We oversee each technical step of the flooring process, including:

  • In-home design consultations with expert design associates
  • Presentation of flooring choices from our collection
  • Carpet measuring service (to learn more about measurements, peruse this carpet measuring guide)
  • Presentation of a pricing estimate
  • Shipment of flooring materials
  • Efficient, careful installation of new carpeting

Floor Coverings International streamlines the process of replacing your carpet. During the holiday rush, our efficient, expert process is an invaluable asset. Beginning with our in-home consultation, we’ll involve you personally in each step to ensure that your particular needs and taste are perfectly met; and then we allow you to step back while we quickly and carefully carry out all the work necessary to complete the new carpeting process.

Installing new carpeting at Christmastime is an excellent, practical decision; but it can likewise be a time-consuming and stressful one. From carpet measuring to final installation, Floor Coverings International can conveniently manage this process with an emphasis on quality, efficiency, and value. To learn more, contact Floor Coverings International today.