Keeping Your Home Safe (And Practical) With Waterproof Wood Flooring

Prepare your home with waterproof wood flooring

When you think of efficient home maintenance and management, oftentimes the first thoughts have to do with Energy Star efficiency, smoke alarms, and home security systems. But what about the space you use the most? The floor can be a sight for beauty when installed and cared for, but it takes a product like waterproof wood flooring to graduate your home from simplypractical to classically practical. Here are some reasons below to check out how this flooring installation can be a benefit for your home:

Waterproof Wood Flooring Benefits:
- Pool Season = Wet Feet
Waterproof wood flooring is a solid solution for those with a backyard pool. Imagine having a horde of kids rush in from a recent dip, still dripping as they head to the fridge for a drink. A standard wood floor wouldn’t be able to handle consistent exposure to liquid, but water resistant wood flooring is made with materials designed with durability in mind. As long as you’re diligent in cleaning up the mini puddles, expect to see your floor keeping the same shine as always.

- Smooth and Comfortable

Safety can also work hand in hand with comfort. A basic hardwood floor can sometimes have a grainy texture, especially after years of use. Going with a waterproof hardwood flooring installation ensures there’s a laminate type of overlay that keeps the floor consistently smooth. It also helps to reduce the chance of splinters, so your bare feet can enjoy each step.

- Bedroom, Bathroom – Any Room
From entertainment rooms to bathroom floors, waterproof wood floorings are great for almost any room. Not only are they a safe option in rooms that are consistently surrounded by moisture or spilled liquids, they also look great! The lacquer only serves as protection, as the hardwood is the main focal point for guests to see. It combines a luxurious style of living with a practical and safe solution to keep it strong for years to come.

- Kids Love It, Too
Your kids’ toys have never experienced a better play area. A waterproof flooring is a great solution to those who have kids that love using the floor as their own master city. Every toy car will have its wheels free to roam without interruption, as the smoothness of the surface allows for easy transport. It’s even great for the little tykes learning to crawl, giving them a bit of momentum each time they take off! (But not too much, of course, so Mom and Dad can be sure to keep up!)

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