How to Maintain Your Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Philadelphia

Clean and care for your luxury vinyl flooring in Philadelphia with these useful tips and tricks

Having a luxury vinyl flooring in Philadelphia is more than just a means to showcase the beauty of your home. It also requires a certain level of responsibility for care to maintain its perfect condition. Keep the beauty of your flooring with these helpful tips and tricks to clean your house!

Sweep/Vacuum Regularly
Make it a part of your daily routine to sweep and vacuum your luxury vinyl flooring in Philadelphia if you can, or at least try to amp it up to every other day. By doing this, you remove foreign particles that could otherwise build up and become more difficult to tackle down the line.

- Use Covering or Furniture Bufferings to Prevent Scratching
When you need to move your couches and tables around the room, it’s best to be extra prepared. Lay down some easily removable plywood flooring on top of your luxury vinyl floorings in Philadelphia, and attempt to walk the furniture across instead of dragging. Additionally, there are products designed to place under the feet of your furniture to help prevent scratching when dragging is the only option.

- Avoid Detergents & Unapproved Cleaning Products
Vinyl floor coverings are designed with a specific treatment on top, in order to maintain a healthy, clean shine. When you use unapproved detergents and cleaning products, the sheen is drastically reduced. Use approved cleaning solutions designed specifically for this special type of Philadelphia luxury vinyl flooring.

- Wipe Spills Promptly
Whether it’s water tracked in from the backyard pool or a spilled soda, liquids should be addressed as soon as possible. Use a towel to wipe up any stray puddles as soon as you see them, as this can prevent any longer lasting damage to the durability of the flooring.

- Keep Staining Materials Away from Floor
There are lots of materials out there that can damage the coloring of your luxury vinyl floorings. Everyday products like lipstick and food spices are often colored with natural and artificial dyes, and fresh asphalt and tar can be tracked in on your shoes from outside. Keep your home clear of these types of materials by wiping your feet before entering your home and storing your daily-used products safely away from children and pets.

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