How Do Carpet Stores Mislead Their Customers About Cleaning?

Carpets stores can be a bit misleading – learn some of the tricks before purchasing yours today.

Carpets stores aren’t necessarily going out of their way to mislead the general public on important facts about cleaning. However, they are often wrong in their assessments, and their claims should be addressed appropriately. With this new knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll have greater success in your future cleanings. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions.

1. “Professional cleaning can potentially remove protections, like Scotchguard.”

Several of carpet stores have stated that the use of heavy-duty professional cleaners can wear down on flooring protections like Teflon and Scotchguard. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. More often than not, protections are lost from sheer heavy foot traffic, while the cleaning does very little to affect what’s underneath. If you’d like to hire a cleaning company, keep this factor in mind and avoid blaming them if the protections feel weaker.

2. “All stains can be removed if treated correctly.”

Carpeting stores can claim the benefits of carpeting as a choice for comfort, but to claim that all stains can be removed is simply untrue. What matters most are a) the staining materials, and b) the length of time of when the stain originated. A stain that’s been in existence for minutes may have the opportunity to be fixed, but one that’s been around for weeks, days, or even hours can become borderline impossible. Also, heavy-staining products like red wine and chocolate can find themselves irreversibly added to your carpet if spilled.

3. “There’s no need to pre-vacuum if you’re going to steam-clean the carpet.”

This is a very common misconception that’s shared, as the idea of “clean before you clean” can be a foreign concept. A person should absolutely vacuum before using a steam-cleaner as this will pick up dried soil and dust, which negatively reacts to water by forming mud. Also, a steam cleaner is unable to take care of other types of heavy debris, such as tracked-in gravel and certain types of food. If you can, always try to vacuum first.

4. “Carpeting provides more comfort than hardwood.”

If you’ve ever heard a salesperson from a carpet store say this, remember that this is lacking serious data. A carpet is only as comfortable as its thread count, and each carpet is different in how they’d fare with floor seating. A shaggier carpet can absolutely be comfortable, but can you imagine sitting on the carpet in an office lobby? Take a feel of the carpeting that’s available, and jump out of your comfort zone by pressing your face against the sample if you can. After all, there are plenty of hardwood options that could be better for your backside!

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