Don’t Order New Laminate Flooring Until You See This Amazing Alternative


Are you looking for a new floor covering for your home? Have you been considering laminate flooring?  Do you like the attractive look of hardwood and the savings that this manufactured product has to offer?

If so, wait just a minute.  Before you settle on traditional laminate flooring, it is important to consider an amazing new alternative that is available to you through Cherry Hill Floor Coverings International.  Luxury vinyl tiles and planks offer you the lifelike appearance of luxurious materials like natural hardwood, stone, or ceramic tiles, but with many of the advantages of vinyl flooring!  Find out more as you consider all the options for your home’s new floor coverings.

What is Luxury Vinyl?
Luxury vinyl is one of the latest developments in flooring technology. Genuine photographs are printed onto resilient and comfortable PVC tiles or planks, recreating the look of almost any flooring product, from natural hardwoods to stone or ceramic. The tile or plank is then protected with a durable wear layer to achieve the highest level of protection and comfort.  Resistant to scratches, tears, gouges, and even water damage, these tiles can hold up well in even the most high traffic rooms while offering a more elegant look than traditional vinyl flooring.

How does luxury vinyl compare to laminate flooring?
Many people love laminate flooring because it recreates the elegant look of a wooden floor while being easy to clean and a bit more durable than the real thing.  Additionally, laminate planks can be found in the look of dozens of different natural hardwood materials. So how does luxury vinyl stack up?

Luxury vinyl tiles will offer you an even greater level of durability, including complete waterproofing. Laminate flooring does not hold up well under humidity or the presence of water.  In fact, luxury vinyl tiles often come with a 20+ year warranty, while laminate warranties are typically limited to 5-10 years. Luxury vinyl can also boast even more patterns and styles than laminate flooring, offering you great options for any room in your home.

Shop the options you love in the comfort of your home
If you would like to see how both laminate and luxury vinyl flooring options would look in your own home, contact Cherry Hill Floor Coverings International today.  Our Design Associates can schedule an in-home consultation for you to shop in the comfort of your own home.  Get started today by contacting 856-283-4588.