Buying New Carpet Tips From the Experts

Get buying new carpet tips straight from the experts.

Purchasing new carpet for your home is an investment. According to experts, it’s time to replace your carpet if you have stubborn stains, if it is worn or torn, if it smells bad even after cleaning, if the padding underneath is uneven, if anyone in your house has allergies, and if it’s more than 10 years old. If your carpet fits any of those characteristics, then it’s time to make the investment into brand new carpet for your home. Buying new carpet tips from the experts can help you make the perfect choice for you and your family.

Buying New Carpet Tips

Experts recommend that you do a little homework before heading in to the carpet store or even looking at samples. But don’t worry – it’s easy homework, just a little quiz for yourself. Write down your answers and take them with you when you go to look at options.

  •     How many rooms do you want new carpet installed in?
  •         Are these rooms low-traffic or high-traffic areas?
  •         Do you have children and/or pets?
  •         What is your preferred budget range?
  •         What don’t you like about your current carpet?
  •         Are you also redecorating or does it need to match a specific décor?

Once you can answer at least some of these questions, you’re ready to shop.

Another tip for buying new carpet is that you keep in mind some other factors of carpet as you shop. Don’t forget to think about the weight and fiber of the new carpet. This is the biggest factor in determining cost, so decide how much of an investment you want to make ahead of time. Don’t skimp on the carpet pad – it is just as important as the carpet choice. Double check to see what kind of warranty your new carpet comes with.

New Carpet Specifics

When you start looking closely at different options for your new carpet, you’ll notice that there are different carpet fibers and types. Carpet fibers include nylon, wool, olefin, triexta, and polyester. Carpet types include the texture style, the loop (berber) style, the pattern style, and the twist style.

If you’re carpeting any hallways or a high-traffic area like a family room, the texture style is a great choice. The loop is also great for high-traffic areas like workout rooms or basements. If you’re carpeting the master bedroom or a lower-traffic area, the twist is an excellent choice. And last but not least, the pattern style is perfect for dining rooms or formal rooms.  

Most Important Tip of All

The experts agree on this – don’t be tempted to overspend your budget by too much. If you don’t have realistic expectations going in and you want to buy a quality product, then it’s understandable if you spend more than you thought you would. But new carpet doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Ask lots of questions and figure out how to get the best carpet for the best price that matches exactly what you want. Feel free to shop around. Don’t forget to ask about installation fees as well, so you won’t be surprised with any other costs. You can always save money by maintaining the carpet you can afford. Get it professionally cleaned every 6-12 months. Or just replace one room at a time. It’s whatever works best for you.

For more buying new carpet tips, feel free to contact one of our Design Associates.

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