A Touch of Class: Exploring Naturally Red Hardwood Options for Your Home

A Touch of Class: Exploring Naturally Red Hardwood Options for Your Home

The warmth and richness of red tones can add a touch of timeless elegance to any space. This is especially true when it comes to hardwood flooring. If you're looking for a naturally red hardwood option, there are some beautiful choices available, each with its own unique character. Let's explore some of the most popular varieties!

The Classic Choice: Red Oak

Red Oak is perhaps the most widely recognized red hardwood option. It boasts a range of colors, from light pinkish-brown to a deeper reddish-brown. Red oak is known for its durability and affordability, making it a versatile choice for a variety of design styles. Here are some things to keep in mind with Red Oak:

  • Richness deepens over time: As Red Oak ages, its natural reddish hues tend to deepen and become even more striking.
  • Grain variations: Red Oak features prominent graining, which adds a touch of rustic charm to your space.
  • Staining options: While Red Oak is beautiful on its own, it also takes stain well, allowing you to customize the final look to perfectly match your vision.

Striking and Exotic: The World of Redwoods


Several tree varieties come under the umbrella of "redwood," offering a range of dramatic reddish tones:

  • Mahogany: This luxurious wood boasts a deep reddish-brown color that can sometimes have a golden cast. Mahogany is incredibly dense and stable, making it a perfect choice for high-traffic areas.
  • Brazilian Cherry: This exotic wood is known for its rich reddish-brown color with warm undertones. Brazilian Cherry is known for its impressive hardness and durability.
  • Redheart: This Central American wood is prized for its vibrant red color, which can deepen to a reddish-purple over time. Redheart is a very dense wood, making it highly durable.

Things to Consider When Choosing Red Hardwood

  • Color variations: Within each species of red hardwood, there can be variations in color tones. It's a good idea to see samples in person to get a good idea of the actual color range.
  • Maintenance: Some red hardwoods, like Mahogany and Brazilian Cherry, may require more upkeep than Red Oak.
  • Sustainability: If eco-friendliness is a concern, consider the source of your red hardwood. Opt for varieties that are harvested sustainably.

Beyond our list, there are other red hardwood options available, so be sure to explore! With its inherent beauty and timeless style, a naturally red hardwood floor can add a touch of class and warmth to your home for years to come. Contact our hardwood flooring experts today!