Tips For Choosing The Best Hardwood Floors

Add warmth and beauty to your home by installing hardwood floors
Are you looking to add warmth and beauty to your home by incorporating hardwood flooring? Do you want to add value to your home at the same time? The best hardwood floors will accomplish both of these goals and you will enjoy them for years to come! Hardwood floors come in many shapes, patterns and colors and can work in almost any room in your home. Hardwood floors are a feature buyers are looking for when they’re searching for a place to call home. According to a USA Today article, 54% of home buyers are willing to pay more for a home if there is hardwood flooring already installed.

How to choose the best hardwood floors

The Design Associates at Floor Coverings International in Cherry Hill can help you choose the best hardwood floors for your space during a free in-home consultation. In the meantime, consider the following tips and suggestions as you dream about your hardwood flooring.

- Consider the board width you will choose. Do you prefer wide plank or more standard, narrow strips or parquet flooring. Wide plank flooring gives a more rustic look, and parquet flooring gives a room a more formal appearance. A narrow plank width gives a traditional look.

- What colors and textures do you prefer? Do you prefer a dark, rich colored wood? Or a very light, blonde color flooring? Many species of wood can be stained different colors, and deciding which color or range of colors you prefer will help you to narrow down the seemingly limitless choices. You may also want to consider wood that has been hand carved or distressed if you are going for a more natural, rustic look.

- The type of wood you choose should depend upon your lifestyle. The best hardwood floors will align with your lifestyle. A softer wood like pine is probably not the best choice for homes with children or pets, because pine would show scratches and dents easily. With any solid hardwood, or pieces of tree milled into planks that can be installed as flooring, there will be dings and scratches over time. Keep in mind that these can be sanded and refinished over and over, and even stained a different color in the future if you so choose. Engineered hardwood, on the other hand, is made from layers for wood fused and pressed together under heat, with a thin solid wood top layer, which means it can only be refinished a certain number of times. Engineered hardwood can be installed the same way as solid wood, by nailing or gluing, or can be installed as a floating floor. The best types of hardwood floors for your space will be determined by taking many factors into consideration.

- Before you make your final decision, see how the flooring you think you like best will look in your space. Lighting in a store or even a different room can change the way your hardwood looks. The benefit of a free in-home consultation with the Mobile Showroom from Floor Coverings International in Cherry Hill is that a Design Associate will be able to show you how the different options you are considering will look in your actual space. No more guessing and hoping it looks great before you buy, only to second guess yourself after installation.

Let a Design Associate from Floor Coverings International in Cherry Hill come to your home and show you the best hardwood floors for your space, discussing all of these options and more with you. With proper care and maintenance, not only will your hardwood flooring add value to your home, but you will enjoy it’s beauty for years to come! Contact us today for your free estimate!

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