Picking The Vibe: What To Know Before Installing Flooring In A Dining Room

Read this before installing flooring in a dining room!

Before you begin installing flooring in a dining room, you should consider the following, is your dining room used only for formal occasions like holidays and celebrations? Or perhaps your dining room is informal and used daily? The answers to these questions can help you determine the best flooring options for your dining room.


Formal dining rooms typically have less foot traffic, and spills because it’s only used on special occasions which provides you with a vast array of flooring options to choose from for your formal dining room that add style and sophistication.

  • Hardwood. Hardwood flooring never goes out of style because it not only adds depth, dimension and beauty but because it increases the value of your home.  Benefits of hardwood flooring are the low maintenance care and it won’t retain dust or allergens.
  • Tile.  Tiles comes in variety of colors, shapes and textures to match every look, from contemporary to rustic.  Advantages of using tile for your dining room flooring are they are environmentally friendly, fire and water resistant, durable and easy to clean.
  • Carpet.  Yes, carpet!  Carpet can withstand heavy foot traffic and still look great. In addition, carpet can add color and elegance to your dining room. This is a great option for the dining room because it’s soft to walk on and reduces noise too.

When installing flooring for a dining room that has a lot of traffic, we recommend materials that are attractive, durable, comfortable and low maintenance.
  • Laminate.  Laminate is a great option because it’s made to look like hardwood, but doesn’t cost as much. Laminate is multi-layered, making it softer and more comfortable to walk on.  This is a practical option for your dining room because it’s easy to care for.
  • Luxury Vinyl.  Luxury vinyl has a protective top layer that is scratch and water resistant, and requires less maintenance than hardwood floors. It is softer and retains heat better than stone or ceramic flooring.  It is also practical, cost efficient, and easy to clean. Floor Coverings International offers you a variety of luxury vinyl that mimics the look of traditional hardwood, ceramic and stone.

Floor Coverings International offers the greatest styles and selections at prices you can afford.  Installing flooring in a dining roomhas never been easier, just read what some of our satisfied customers had to say!

“Floor Coverings International had a huge selection of floor coverings at any price point you needed. The installers were efficient, thorough, and cleaned up after themselves. Excellent product and excellent installation.” -Lou S.

“It was a smooth and easy process. I was amazed at how quick they came out and everything went just as they said it would. It was a very nice experience.” – Shannon M.

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