7 Biggest Obstacles to Replacing Flooring in Living Room


It’s never easy to replace things. We humans are reluctant to change, drawn backwards by time, kicking and screaming. That’s why we have spouses: they drag us in the opposite direction, and get us where we need to go. Hair styles, your habitual waking hour on Saturdays, household projects: all of these things benefit from the kick-start of a spouse.

So we’re in agreement: it’s time to change. If you’re considering replacing flooring in living room, you might be dragged a bit in one direction, and pulled a bit in another. To help, we’ve identified the seven biggest obstacles to replacing flooring in living room.

- You have to finish what you’ve started.
The living room is central to mobility, social life, and unsocial life (if there’s a gaming center). Any inhabitants of the house will want that space up and running. So it’s up to you to finish as soon as you’ve started.

- Dust everywhere,
If you have neither the tools nor the time to seal off every single surface and every piece of furniture, you’re going to have dust everywhere. Everywhere. For months to come.

- Potential hazards.
If you uncover mold in your diggings-about, then you’re in a jam. Do you go on ahead and pretend you never saw it? That would mean that the new flooring that you’re putting down will just have to be torn up again when the inhabitants begin showing signs of mold allergies or–worse–exposure to mycotoxins. You obviously can’t go on. But even though mold removal companies can help you with a DIY fix, that means time lost. Lots of time lost.

- Take me seriously!
Let’s face it: not everyone is going to appreciate your handiwork. That is not as it should be, because you’re a man! A man! It’s the age-old story of man vs. beast, man vs. man, man vs. living room. Your kids/spouse/neighbors might be more inclined to minimize the importance of this immortal combat. It doesn’t change anything, but it isn’t pleasant to tell someone “don’t walk there; I’m working” only to be sniggered at in reply.

- Impatient bystanders.
In this great struggle, in this momentous undertaking, how much it is cheapened by the skeptical, impatient bystander (who, being incapable of doing it themself, will take any opportunity to point out exactly how THEY would do it faster, better, bla bla bla). Try working with all that nonsense going on!

- The permanence of errors.
If replacing flooring in the living room did not go well, it’s too late. Any errors, unevenness, warping, or buckling are now set in stone. There’s no one to call to come fix their second-rate job, There’s just you: harassed and alone, mocked by those you love.

- You are alone.
No team of professional installers here. I’ve often remarked that God made a poor choice when he gave mothers only two hands–it would have been much better had we four, or six. In much the same way, the precision and concentration required by replacing flooring in your living room easily necessitates 4-6 hands. You only have two.

All of these obstacles may seem insurmountable.

They are.

The solution to replacing flooring in living room
Rather than trying to climb the slippery cliff, go around it: call the professionals! Jeff Bell tells us that an experienced team can replace living room flooring and leave the area cleaner than when they got there. That’s more like it.