5 Reasons To Install Bamboo Flooring

This is why bamboo flooring is all the rage right now.

Bamboo flooring: is it quality flooring? Does it live up to the hype? Bamboo flooring is a popular item these days. Whether or not you should install bamboo ultimately depends on your personal preferences and what you believe is best for your home. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all for flooring. However, bamboo is a wonderful option that is worth considering, no matter what your specific tastes are.


Let’s look at 5 reasons to install bamboo flooring:

  1. Bamboo floors are easy to maintain: Maintaining bamboo flooring is a straightforward affair. Bamboo does not trap dust and dirt like other flooring options. Regularly sweeping, vacuuming and mopping go a long way toward making your bamboo floor look and feel brand new.  
  2. Bamboo floors are water resistant: While bamboo flooring is not totally impervious to water damage, it is more water resistant than its hardwood floor counterparts. Bamboo’s heightened water resistance is part of what sets it apart as a versatile and durable flooring option.
  3. There is a variety of bamboo flooring options: There is a fairly wide variety of bamboo flooring options to choose from. Some are easier to install while others are more sturdy and strong. Likewise, there are different shades and grains so that you can find a bamboo floor that contributes to the beautiful aesthetics of your home.
  4. Bamboo floors are eco-friendly: When it comes to flooring, bamboo is one of the greenest options out there. Bamboo trees grow more quickly than the trees that are used for other styles of hardwood flooring, making bamboo a much more sustainable and renewable natural resource to use for flooring.
  5. Bamboo floors are trendy: Trendiness isn’t everything, but it doesn’t hurt, either. Bamboo is a great style because its unique look and feel add to the character of your home. When a flooring option is easy on the environment and even easier to clean, it’s not hard to understand why bamboo flooring is growing in popularity.

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