4 Essential Uses For Waterproof Flooring in Vermont


As you consider alterations and additions to your current home or prepare the plans for a new construction, striking a balance between form and function is essential. Fortunately, functionality and attractive aesthetics do not have to be in conflict with each other.

Case in point: waterproof flooring in Vermont. Whether you are interested in durable laminate flooring in your kitchen or waterproof tiles in your bathroom, Floor Coverings International is proud to offer extensive lines of functional options that can stunningly complement any room design or decor.

From cost-effective vinyl flooring for unfurnished basements to eye-catching imitation hardwood flooring, Floor Coverings International’s selection of waterproof flooring in Vermont carries the practical products your home needs.


Every room in the house can benefit from the installation of waterproof flooring in Vermont. With that in mind, there are certain parts of the house where waterproof floors are of exceptional importance, such as kitchens, basements, playrooms, and bathrooms.

The flooring experts at Floor Coverings International recommend the following room-by-room applications of waterproof flooring. Use these ideas as a starting point as you consider your own room and flooring plans.

  • Kitchen
    Utilizing waterproof materials in your kitchen mitigates the headaches and damages associated with spills, overrunning sinks, and flooded dishwashers. For kitchens, vinyl and tile are superior waterproof flooring options. Consider tile flooring for a retro appearance, or a vinyl imitation hardwood for a functional modern take on a classic style.
  • Basement
    Waterproof flooring for basements is essential, due to the moisture, must, and mildew that congregates in underground spaces. The recommended material will depend upon your level of use; budget vinyl or laminate flooring is appropriate for unfurnished basements or storage spaces, while waterproof luxury vinyl is an excellent choice for lived-in, furnished basements
  • Playroom
    Rooms that see heavy use by children are prone to messes and spills, making waterproof flooring a practical choice. Floor Coverings International offers exclusive waterproof carpeting (ideal for sound reduction) as well as stain-resistant vinyl.
  • Bathroom
    Waterproof flooring for bathrooms is a necessity; toilets, sinks, showers (and the hot steam from showers) all create a great deal of moisture and risk for spills. Vinyl, laminate, and tile are all popular choices, depending upon the style scheme of the bathroom.

We are proud to offer versatile waterproof flooring products that strike a perfect balance between attractive appearance and practical functionality. To learn more about our extensive line of waterproof flooring in Vermont or to place an order, contact Floor Coverings International today.