3 Unusual Basement Flooring Options in Vermont

Basements are something of a blank canvas in terms of appearance and design. Whereas bathrooms and bedrooms may vary in terms of decor and style, their design is limited and defined by their intended purposes. Basements, meanwhile, do not have a defined function: they may be used for storage, for recreation, as a cozy den, or an independent studio within a house (amongst many other possibilities and options).

With that in mind, there is no shortage of potential flooring schemes that you can incorporate into your basement based upon its function and design. The only limitation of options for basement flooring in Vermont is the suppliers available within the region and with the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International serving Vermont residents, supply is never a concern.

Floor Coverings International offers the most extensive range of high-quality flooring products and services available, to ensure that your basement flooring in Vermont is specifically suited to your particular needs. Whatever appearance you are seeking for your basement and whatever function it may serve, we can pair you with an ideal product.

With Floor Coverings International at your disposal, the only limitation for your basement is your imagination. As you plan your basement’s appearance and design, consider the following three unusual ideas for eye-catching, functional flooring that complements and completes your basement space.

  • Rustic Den
    For those who intend to use their basement space as a place for relaxation and recreation, a rustic game room den with a wilderness lodge aesthetic is an attractive choice. Consider installing a fireplace or wood stove, slate or pine walls, billiard tables, leather furniture, and hardwood or stone floors with woven rugs. Floor Coverings International recommends its cherry, maple, oak, or stone flooring products for rustic den basement designs.
  • Comfortable Playroom
    By using the basement space as a playroom, families with children can contain the messes, noise, and displaced toys and keep a cleaner, quieter adult space on the above-ground floors. For basements that will be used as a play space for children, we recommend using carpeting; it mutes the constant noise and fast-paced footsteps that kids produce, and provides a soft surface for kids to play on (or land on, in the incident of accidents). Floor Coverings International offers a wide range of plush, patterned, or tailored carpets for basement flooring.
  • Eco-Friendly Design
    An increasingly popular preference for living space and basements is the prioritization of eco-friendly fixtures and design. As you plan your eco-friendly basement, consider the following options: light wells to maximize natural light, efficient insulation to reduce heating and cooling needs, wood stoves to supplement household heating with renewable wood-burning (when recommended), tight-locking windows, green walls, and eco-friendly flooring. Floor Coverings International offers ample options for eco-friendly flooring, including renewable bamboo and cork floors as well as recycled nylon carpeting.

Floor Coverings International offers the best basement flooring in Vermont; in fact, our wide range of distribution means that you can have access to the best flooring for basements wherever you reside. From eco-friendly flooring to water resistant basement flooring, we can provide you with the exact product you need. Whatever the specific needs of your basement, we will work with you to provide an attractive and functional flooring. To place an order or to learn more about our line of products, contact Floor Coverings International today.