3 sets of 3 Principles to Follow When Sorting Through Bathroom Flooring Options

Tackle that project! Our guide is the no-stress solution to your renovation.

The Beginning:

- Plan Ahead: Talk with the tradespeople, get quotes, and don’t be afraid to ask if there is anything you’ve failed to consider.
- Communicate: We’ve all seen it. The contractor hanging around, waiting for the plumber to show up. He reiterates that he can’t do anything until the electrician comes. Make sure that you know exactly when and where you want your tradespeople, communicate that to them, and avoid being billed for time wasted.
Consider the Basics: Or, live with what you’ve got. Don’t dream outside of the realm of what is do-able, but don’t forget how many options there are within that realm.

3 basic design principles when choosing bathroom flooring options
- Choose your materials wisely. Hard-wood floors are lovely, but impractical. Carpet is soft, but oh! the mold!
- Follow your feet. That slate is gorgeous, sleek, and sophisticated. Come winter, slate is also cold. Same with marble, granite, limestone. If you have the feet of a hobbit, or you are willing to sacrifice comfort for the wow! factor, then stone might be the way for you to go.
- Get creative. There is almost always an alternative.  Stone is cold, but stone tile with heating coils underneath is not. Get the loveliness of granite in a vinyl option and save money.

The options are endless. As wonderful as that is, it can be a little frightening as well. When you feel overwhelmed with the endless sea of bathroom flooring options, follow these last three guidelines.

     - Choose a flooring company that brings the showroom to you–one where you get a free consultation with a specialized design consultant. Too many ideas? They’ll listen to you, talk to you, and help you find the option that fits with your budget and meets your expectations.
     - You, the customer, are always right. Don’t back down on your dreams. Express what you want, and be assured that that is what you will get.
     - Take the non-hassle route with a flooring company that has expert installers that will do all the work for you. Who knows how to remove a toilet and then put it back? Expert installers do. After all, you’re paying for the materials. It makes sense to have them installed with care and precision. No waste.

If you follow this guide when sorting through your bathroom flooring options, you will waltz through the process with ease and confidence, trusting in your own good judgement. But why stop there? Contact a flooring company who knows what they are doing, and trust in your tradespeople as well.