3 Questions You Need To Ask Before Replacing Carpet In A Bedroom


How long has it been since you last replaced the carpet in your bedroom?  Have you begun to notice that your current floor covering is looking worn out or even stained?  Are you ready to refresh your entire room, starting from the floor up?  At Cherry Hill Floor Coverings International, we are excited to encourage you in your next flooring endeavor, and we want to help you ensure that you will be happy with your choice for years to come. So, we’ve compiled three important question that every homeowner should ask before replacing carpet in a bedroom.

     - Is Carpet Still The Best Choice For Me?
When it comes to replacing carpet in a bedroom, most people don’t think to consider other types of flooring.  Instead, they simply look at more carpeting options similar to their previous floor coverings when the reality is that there are thousands of flooring options out there which can meet the particular needs of different residents. For example, although carpet is often a great option to add warmth and comfort to a bedroom, for individuals with allergies to dust, pollen, or pet dander, hardwood or laminate may be a better option.  These alternative flooring products are easier to clean and do not trap allergens, creating a more comfortable space for those affected.

     - How Long Do I Want This Carpet To Last?
If you do decide that replacing carpet in a bedroom with new carpeting is the best option, be sure to consider how long you want the flooring to last.  There are almost countless different styles and types of carpets, all of which can serve different needs.  If you are looking for something that will hold up well in a child’s bedroom–prone to higher traffic and stains–investing in a more durable carpet will be important.  If you are simply replacing carpet in a bedroom only used by occasional guests, you can probably get away with less durable option.  Talk with your flooring designer about your expectations for the room for help choosing the best carpeting for that space.

     - How Will This Color Actually Look In MY Bedroom?
After you have gone through your selection of the right style and type of carpeting, one of the final considerations will be its color and pattern.  Remember that carpet samples can look different in a showroom than they will once they are installed.  The color you choose will also have an effect on the overall space.  For example, HGTV’s carpet selection guide points out that lighter colored carpets make a room seem larger, while a darker colored carpet can lend a small, cozy feeling to a larger room.

Want help replacing carpet in a bedroom?
When you choose your new carpet or other bedroom flooring with Cherry Hill Floor Coverings International, you don’t have to answer these questions alone.  Instead, our Design Associate will come to your home with our virtual showroom to help you make the best choice for each room in your home.

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