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Are you office floors worn out, damaged, or simply outdated? If the answer is yes, then now is the time to consider new office flooring options near Mount Holly that are not just functional, but attractive, and suit your business’s needs. Here are some fresh commercial office flooring types we think you’ll love!

  1. One commercial office flooring options we love are carpet tiles.  They are better than traditional wall to wall carpet because they have endless design possibilities, they can be installed on a quarter turn, in multiple colors to create a parquet look, add borders or random patterns. Office flooring tiles are recommended for offices that need to reduce noise, provide warmth and insulation.
  2. Need more innovative office flooring ideas?  Think vinyl! Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to get commercial vinyl flooring that recreates the look of hardwood, stone, reclaimed wood and leather! Vinyl is recommended for offices and business with high traffic areas because it is scratch and dent resistant.
  3. Searching for that perfect home office flooring? Consider engineered hardwood floors which is not only the best flooring for office chairs, but you get the look you love at a lower cost. Engineered hardwood won’t be easily damaged by your office chair unlike hardwood floors.

Need More Office Flooring Options Near Mount Holly Ideas?

If you are still unsure of what the best commercial office flooring is for your business, then let Floor Coverings International help. Trust Floor Coverings International to be timely, professional, provide quality workmanship that is guaranteed.

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Office Flooring Options Near Mount Holly | Office Flooring Option Near Mount Holly