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A Plethora of Patterns for Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Tom’s River

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Tom's River
When you’re outfitting your home with the best of luxury vinyl flooring in Tom’s River, you’ll likely arrive at quite a crossroads for your final design choices. Vinyl offers a world of visual opportunities, giving you the freedom to match each room to your liking. Here are a few of the options to consider based on popularity:

1. Wood Paneling

What’s better than setting your floors with a beautiful wooden finish? Use luxury vinyl flooring in Tom’s River to replicate the look of wood flooring without the upkeep! Wood poses a danger if there is prolonged exposure to water, while vinyl’s resistance maintains the integrity and durability of the foundation. You can decide between which types of wood, too, like oak and walnut, without decidedly breaking the bank.

2. Stone

More often times than not, people will opt for stone floors because of its ability to help control temperatures, but a glaring flaw with real stone is that it can easily be stained and surface scratched. Why not use luxury vinyl flooring in Tom’s River in its place? You can mimic a host of stone types, like marble or slate, while having a surface that’s resistant to deep staining. Maintain the elegant, traditional look of a natural floor, without the unnecessary cons.

3. Stucco

As a fashionable designer choice of Italian descent, stucco is more than likely a less chosen product due to its lack of prominence in the US, at least for flooring. But a stucco designed luxury vinyl flooring in Tom’s River could set your home apart from the rest. Given its plaster nature, a recreation of the design itself will lend to a beautiful finished result, while still maintaining a comfortable feel. And who doesn’t want to fit their home to be a Sicilian dream house?

4. Ceramic

As a rule of thumb, ceramic flooring is a common find for rooms like bathrooms and kitchens because they’re water resistant and easy to maintain. But because of their lack of durability, it may be a more cost effective method to take the clean design and place it on luxury vinyl. Also, your feet are less likely to get cold in the winter, as vinyl doesn’t retain extreme temperatures.

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