The Guide to Hardwood Floor Installation Costs in Mount Laurel

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Let’s talk about hardwood flooring. It’s beautiful, adds a classic ambiance to any room, and elevates a space in a way other flooring options cannot. But do you have to empty your wallet to install hardwood floors? Not necessarily. In fact, at Floor Coverings International, we routinely work with commercial property owners and managers to reach sufficient hardwood floor installation costs in Mount Laurel and surrounding areas. Learn more about what type of hardwood may be the best option for your commercial space.

A Hard Look at Commercial Hardwood Floor Installation Cost in Mount Laurel

If you are looking for commercial hardwood flooring and a reasonable installation price, there are several factors to consider. In addition to the amount of square footage required for a commercial space, the price of wood varies depending on the species.


Check out unique attributes and features of these nine hardwood types:

  • Oak
    Oak is a popular flooring option for its versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. It can be stained a variety of colors and is considered one of the strongest species of wood. Also, compared with other woods, oak tends to be less expensive.
  • Hickory
    Similar to oak, hickory wood is solid and durable. Visually, hickory has a more grainy/knotty appearance. It also tends to be pricier.
  • Maple
    Maple is yet another hardwood known for strength and durability. This hardwood differs slightly from oak and hickory because it can be more challenging to stain. For commercial property owners seeking the trendy “gray” hardwood look, maple is the perfect option.
  • Bamboo
    As an eco-friendly, renewable source, bamboo flooring provides commercial spaces a contemporary look while also being easy to care for.
  • Cherry
    Cherry hardwood doesn’t easily attract dust and dirt in comparison to other flooring materials, making it a favorable choice. It also has a smooth, elegant surface that is easy to care for.
  • Teak
    As one of the hardest types of wood, teak flooring lends itself well to high-traffic areas. It is one of the most steadily rising species in terms of popularity among property and business owners. It also has a natural shine and finish. The only possible downside is teak must be oiled every few years to maintain its appearance.
  • Walnut
    Walnut is another elegant, dark, and durable wood. However, this is often more costly than other variations of hardwood.
  • Pine
    As a naturally light-toned wood, pine is softer than most other hardwood species. While the knots in pine cleverly hide dents or other imperfections, its softer make-up may not be best suited to high-traffic areas.
  • Douglas Fir
    Douglas fir is one of the most uniform types of wood. Since these trees are known as a taller variety, longer and numerous planks can be sourced from a single tree. Douglas fir also tends to be a softer wood, so it may not be suitable in high-traffic areas.

Within each species of wood, there is even more division. For example, at FCI, we carry both American Cherry and Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring. A consultation with a flooring expert can help you understand the differences between these varieties. As a result, you can determine the final pricing of your preferred product and installation.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Of course, you want to get down to the numbers! When it comes to commercial hardwood floor prices, each installation varies drastically. In addition to the specific requirements of commercial dimensions, the cost of hardwood also depends on:

  • The availability of a product
  • The accessibility of a specific hardwood
  • The popularity of certain types of hardwood

Since the variables above are always changing, the national price of hardwoods also fluctuate. At the time this blog was written, the national average for hardwood installation varied from $3 to $10 per square foot.

The Value of an Expert Consultation

The advantages of consulting with a flooring specialist are numerous. At FCI, our commercial mobile showroom is equipped to offer clients a comprehensive, transparent view of our product inventory.


During a consultation, our clients are able to appraise a diverse range of styles, color, and species of hardwood. Our specialists will share their knowledge on the differences between unfinished, factory finished, solid, engineered, strip and plank wood flooring.


When you choose to hire FCI, we help you find the perfect commercial flooring option to meet your specific flooring needs.


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