Is Commercial Hardwood Installation a DIY Project?

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If you work in or own a business, you’re probably good at finding ways to cut costs and increase efficiency. So when it comes to commercial hardwood installation, it makes sense to consider whether or not to do it yourself. But does it make sense to make this a DIY project? With over 25 years of experience in flooring, Floor Coverings International can answer that question and explain the best way to handle your commercial hardwood installation project.

Can I Install Commercial Hardwood Flooring Myself?

The upfront cost of hiring a professional flooring installer may understandably cause buyers to hesitate. While it may seem cheaper to install the floor yourself, the National Wood Flooring Association does not recommend attempting commercial hardwood installation as a DIY project.


Of all of the commercial wood flooring options, solid wood flooring is often considered the most beautiful and authentic. It’s also the most difficult to install, requiring custom equipment and installation expertise.To make sure you get the most out of your hardwood flooring investment, it’s best to hire a professional installer.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Hardwood Flooring Installer

The necessary expertise alone is a good reason to hire a professional installer when you buy hardwood flooring. That being said, there are additional advantages to choosing an installer that many do not consider. When you hire a professional, you:


Save time

Business owners understand more than almost anyone that time is money. When you hire a professional commercial hardwood installer, you save a lot of time in prep work, installation time, and clean up. Before solid hardwood flooring can be installed, the subfloor needs to be prepared, the area needs to be tested for moisture, and all the furniture, draperies, and wall decorations will need to be removed. The installation itself is a labor-intensive process that involves expertise and precision, and mistakes can be time consuming to correct. Once the project is finished, the previously removed items need to returned carefully so they don’t damage the new floor.

Floor Coverings International streamlines the project with our efficient installation process. We offer benefits such as e-crates for personal belongings and furniture removal and replacement services to make the process as smooth as possible.

Get more customization

When you buy hardwood flooring, you’ll have the option of choosing between pre-finished and unfinished wood. The latter involves finishing the wood on-site after it’s installed. Many buyers choose unfinished wood for the aesthetic flexibility it gives them. As the World Floor Covering Association states, finishing hardwood in place offers “a level of customization and uniqueness” that you won’t find with pre-finished wood products.

Even more so than installing pre-finished wood, installing unfinished wood usually requires a professional. The process requires training and specialized tools for sanding, staining, and applying coats of urethane to the hardwood on-site. By hiring a professional flooring installer, you can enjoy a level of customization you wouldn’t otherwise get.  

Save money in the long run

The most common reason buyers give for wanting to install their own floor is to save money on installation costs. But when it comes to solid hardwood, trying to do it yourself may actually be less cost effective.

Installing commercial hardwood flooring requires unique tools, such as a specialized floor nailer and a drum-type floor sander. Before installation, you’ll also have to test the subfloor for moisture, which requires its own set of equipment. You’ll have to either buy or rent these tools before you can begin installation, which can quickly get expensive.

Unless you have experience handling this equipment and installing solid hardwood flooring, it’s not unlikely that mistakes will be made during the installation process. Replacing damaged flooring material or hardwood that was incorrectly cut is a costly expense that will take even more out of your budget.

Adding all of these added costs still assumes the floor is installed correctly. Issues with installation, such as undetected moisture, can cause serious problems that will incur significant long-term costs. Instead of racking up additional installation costs and taking on the risk of needing extra future repairs, it’s more cost-effective to hire a professional who can guarantee the job will be done right.

With the many benefits that come with a professional installer, hiring one for your commercial hardwood installation is an investment that’s well worth the cost. To find the right professional installer or to schedule a free consultation, contact Floor Coverings International today!

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