Why Rubber is the Commercial Flooring Medford Businesses Choose

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Visit any of the flooring stores in South Jersey and you’ll find a wide range of commercial flooring options. While people typically start by looking at vinyl, tile and hardwood, many buyers are surprised to learn there’s another option that has several unique benefits. Customers are discovering rubber flooring and choosing it as their preferred commercial flooring in Medford. And it’s not just in Medford; at Floor Coverings International, we’ve seen that rubber is a commercial flooring South Jersey business from Camden to Cape May love.

Why Businesses Love Rubber for Their Commercial Flooring in Medford

It would take too long to list all of the advantages of rubber flooring, but there are a few benefits that keep buyers coming back. The top reasons businesses choose rubber include:


Sound Absorbance

As multiple studies have shown, sound is the #1 distraction for employees in the workplace. Commercial rubber reduces this distraction with its acoustically insulating material. It’s far more sound absorbent than other commercial floor coverings, such as vinyl, tile, and hardwood. Some businesses even install it under their existing hard flooring to dampen the sound and eliminate creaking. By doing something as simple as installing a commercial rubber floor, you can significantly reduce distractions and increase efficiency and productivity in your workplace.


With the right maintenance, commercial rubber flooring has a life cycle that exceeds many of its competitors. Many rubber floors will last 20 years or more, and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors reports that properly cared for rubber floors can even last as long as the life of the whole building. Applying a urethane coat can extend its longevity even more while adding an appealing glossy finish.


When local businesses choose commercial flooring in South Jersey, they often cite durability as one of the first things they look for. Commercial rubber is known to be a highly resilient flooring option in a wide range of circumstances. It’s composition also makes it resistant to moisture, making it an ideal choice for virtually any business.

Risk Reduction

One of the best features of rubber flooring is its anti-slip surface. Installing commercial rubber flooring reduces the likelihood of a slip and fall incident, preventing injury and potential liability issues. Rubber flooring also has cushioning that not only makes it comfortable to walk on but also reduces the risk of injury if someone does happen to fall. There’s a reason why the Olympics have rubber as the floor of choice for gymnast events. The cushioning and natural slip resistance of commercial rubber makes a popular flooring Medford businesses love.


While it might not be the first option you think of, commercial rubber flooring can elevate your business to a whole new level. Contact Floor Coverings International today and discover why rubber is the commercial flooring Medford businesses choose.