Which is the Best Eco Waterproof Flooring Near Palmyra For You?

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When thinking about the best flooring for your bathroom, you may not have even considered wood flooring. Thanks to technology it is now possible to use wood or laminate as eco waterproof flooring near Palmyra. We’ve laid down the pros and cons of each so you can decide which is eco waterproof flooring is best for you.

  • Waterproof Wood Pros. Engineered wood is more versatile than hardwood and waterproof wood flooring for bathrooms. Unlike regular hardwood floors, engineered floors are made up of several layers, including a thicker layer of wood that sits on the surface. Best used in guest or half bathrooms, where there is less likely to be flooding.   If sustainability is your concern, then this is a good option as it uses less wood than hardwood flooring.  
  • Waterproof Wood Cons. Use of bath mats are recommended and wet towels and spills must be mopped up quickly.  Cost is roughly equivalent to hardwood, so if cost is a concern, waterproof laminate may be your best option.
  • Waterproof Laminate Pros. Aqua-Step is a 100% waterproof laminate flooring that is eco-friendly and works well in bathrooms.  This laminate is available with wood and stone looks and it’s easy care and durability make it a great choice for bathrooms with bathtubs and frequent drips and spills. Waterproof laminate is a more affordable choice than waterproof wood floors.
  • Waterproof Laminate Cons. Laminate cannot be refinished, so if the whole surface becomes dull or scratched, it will have to be re-installed. Laminate, unlike wood flooring, does not add resale value to your home.

Can’t Decide Which Eco Waterproof Flooring Near Palmyra is Best?

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